March 28th, 2006


After-work crashing

I think I'm turning into my mother.*

Today, for the second day in a row, I got home from work and within 10 minutes, was asleep on my couch. Lucky to get my shoes off! I conked out for an hour.

When I finally woke up, Luckie noticed and jumped on my chest, part of her EMT training I guess.

No idea why I'm so tired! I went to bed at a reasonable hour last night and had two coffees, a cup of tea and a Diet Coke today.

Meanwhile, what I accomplished at work today:

  • Got content mgt. system training document to 90% complete, including putting it into a new format
  • Hour-long web services meeting
  • 45-minute presentation from company that does streaming media production & hosting
  • Continued to keep track of training sign-ups
  • Added sponsor logos to LINK page
  • Installed and tested cool Firefox extension that checks web page links

* My mom had, and still has, a habit of crashing out after work. She'd manage to get her shoes off and maybe drink half a cup of tea, then conk out.
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Who could play me?

Taken (though adapted a bit) from uigenna:

Based entirely on my personality (so if you've met me before, block what I really look like out of your mind), hunt down a picture of somebody (actor, politicians, religious nut, artist, etc.) who could play me in a movie or something. Reply here with the picture or link.

Oh, either male or female is fine.

Personally, I think I could be played by an ostrich, especially if said ostrich got a dye job and wore rhinestones.
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Hurricane hits New England?

I guess I would not be surprised if such a freak thing did happen, given recent weather freakiness and the fact that this HAS happened before.

Forecasts: Northeast Due for Big Hurricane
New England could be in for a big one. Meteorologists say conditions — including warmer temperatures in the Atlantic Basin and cooler temperatures in the Pacific Ocean — are ripe for the Northeast coast to be hit by a whopper of a hurricane this season.

I guess it's good my dad sold his sailboat, which we kept in Salem harbor.
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My Tough Little Mobile

A post by versailles_rose promts me to ask:

How old is your mobile phone? And what do you have?

Mine is 3-4 years old. Actually I think it's about 2 because at one point I had to swap it out when the display went on the blitz, although it wasn't cracked or anything. Even at that time it was "outmoded" and thus they just swapped it out for one they happened to "have lying around." I was happy though, because it's a nice, sturdy flip-phone and looks like a communicator off of Star Trek (yes, I have a Motorola V66), so I stick with it. Last year T-Mobile sent me a message saying I'd have to get a new phone because their voicemail system, which they were upgrading, might not work on it, but it works just fine, so I've kept it. (Caleb, who used to have the V66 as well, did get a new one, but then again, he uses his phone all day long and also had the money for an upgrade, so that worked for him.)

I think I'd like a phone with a camera and ability to do email, but not if it has to be bigger and more delicate than the beauty I have. Thought this this Motorola PEBL's design is hot shit! My provider is T-Mobile. If I have to get a new phone this year, I hope they offer the PEBL.

P.S. In my search for an image of my phone, I found this thing. OMG, I could be some kinf of punk Star Fleet officer!
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