April 1st, 2006

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Silver and pink

At Alon's this morning I was accosted by this guy (queen, IMO) who regailed me with praise and declared me "the most fabulously dressed woman in Metro Atlanta." *blush* But I admit, my outfit was/is pretty flash -- silver raincoat, white polyester dress w/black "gyroscope" patterns, black tights w/silver stripes, and huge pink earrings. It's sort of like an outfit Barbie would wear, if Barbie was 30 lbs. overweight, LOL.
sideview, obamame_sideview

Happy Animals

Today all the animals are happy and playing nice.

After getting back from Alon's, I put Luckie away in the other room and let Pell out for fly time. I've been letting her out almost every day now, now that it's sunny and she seems to really want OUT. She flew around for over an hour while I took a nap on the couch. Well, not that she was flying the whole time, but she was going from the cage to the far window, buzzing me so expertly I felt the wind off her wings while I was dozing. Then she sat on top of the cage for a long time chortling and chirping and tweeting along with Die Zauberflote and the birds outside. She has been very, very cheerful and energetic since Cal died. She plays with her toys more, moves about more, and doesn't get upset when it's bedtime now, as she doens't have to duke it out with Cal over who gets the highest perch. No question she likes life as a single bird!

Meanwhile I just set up the guinea pigs in their pen. I set out the rainbow-colored fence in an oval on the living room rug, with plastic bags and towels on the floor to deal with their #1 & #2's. Then I fed them some of the dandelion greens I bought at a farmer's market this morning. They love that stuff. Abbie's mouth was dripping green :) I also brushed and combed them, which they hated but really needed. Abbie is so having her spring shed or whatever. Now I've got them in there with the stuffed guinea pig, a toy mouse and a wood chew toy.

They seem to be having fun and meanwhile, Luckie keeps jumping in there and interacting with them. Both piggies run up to Luckie and do the whole face-to-face sniff thing piggies do ("Hi, how you? You nice? Welcome!") and the cat is like, "Um, excuse me, get out of my face!" LOL. Luckie keeps wrestling with the fake pig but barely does anything with the real ones. Occasionally she stretched a paw to sort of swat one of them, but it's very half-hearted, as the pigs jump away and she just knows not to mess with them.

I think I'll leave the piggies' out all afternoon so they can have some fun being somewhere different. Tomorrow, if it's nice, I'm taking them to Hurt Park. They love their fresh clover and weeds!