April 2nd, 2006

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Party on!

Went to, and helped set up, joint birthday party for Caleb and Enrique. I'm tired and kind of drunk after imbibing a bunch of stuff. It's also later that it is, due to the time change. My throat meanwhile is sore because for some reason I have been a total MOTORMOUTH for the past 24 hours. Cannot shut up. There were interesting people there, but still. Anyway, drunk. I had 2 cups of that peach Lambic, a glass of red wine, some Cynar and tonic and, um, a whole bunch of food. I really hope Caleb doesn't expect me up early for the breakfast he wants to have, because I want to sleep LATE.
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Mom's STRANGE gift

So my mom had told me she bought me some strange gift for my office and that, the other day, she sent it. I gathered it was somewhat fragile but couldn't think what it could be. I thought maybe it was some sort of glass mobile or maybe some strange office toy, like the toys with the liquid or sand flowing down between panes of glass.

But no.

I get the package tonight and open it up. There's all this bubblewrap and inside there's: 1) a pack of colored pens and 2) a blue glazed ceramic flower pot. With it is an index card. On one side it says "Stop laughing!" on the other it says, "This is not what it looks like - it's an untipable pencil holder." So... she got me a flower pot to put my writing implements in? Er...

If anybody knows what my mom was thinking here, raise your hand please. I think she must've been drunk.

Gotta love Mom.
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Oh. I dyed my hair last night before the party. It's red. I used Garnier dye, color "Pomegranate." It's a different red than it was before, like half-way between a natural red haircolor and Manic Panic. And it's kind of purplish as well. I like it!

If Caleb wasn't borrowing my camera -- he's had it since Thursday, for pics while his mom is visiting -- I'd post pictures.
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Movies 2006

Last fall I decided I was going to start watching more movies. I love movies, but for various reasons had stopped watching them -- either at home or in the theater. So I joined Netflix and generally determined to take the opportunity to watch more. As an update, here's what I've watched so far in 2006, via Netflix, TV, or DVDs. Haven't gone to a theater to see one yet this year.


East Side Story (NF)
Sleepy Hollow
Spirited Away (NF) (3-4 times)

1/2 Mensch (NF)
The Nomi Song
Frankenweenie (NF)
The Nightmare Before Christmas (NF) (3 times)
Sunset Boulevard

Amarcord (NF) (2 times)
Fiddler on the Roof
Clash of the Titans
The Princess Bride
Cat People (NF) (2 times)
Spirited Away

(NF) - NetFlix rental

A cursory glance at this list shows that I'm a big slightly goth geek. Next up is probably Curse of the Cat People.
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Z Time

Once again, I find myself exhausted. This morning I woke up around 9, which is now 10, and didn't really get up 'til 11, now 12. I thought Caleb would call me for breakfast but he didn't, so I remained muzzy-headed all morning. Finally I had a shower and managed to go through email and dispatch with tasks for about 2 hours.

At that point I got tired, so I took the piggies to Hurt Park. The weather was good but there were too many homeless people lying around for me to get a good spot and the piggies seemed a bit nervous about being outside -- first time since late last spring, I think. They did eat though and had some fun hiding under a bush, which they kept doing, forcing me to get on all fours and retrieve them!

Back at home, I got back to work and kept plugging away, or at least I did for a while. From 3:45 to 4:30 I seem to have fallen asleep again. Just couldn't keep away. I'm up again now but I could easily fall asleep if I just went back to bed. So tired!