April 12th, 2006

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What does it MEAN?

Between 5 and 7:30, when my alarm went off, I had some completely weird-ass dreams.

One image sticks with me:

I'm living somewhere else and one of the things where I live is a little room, sort of a walk-in closet, where I maintain this... insect farm. Only it's not an ant farm or a terrarium they're in, it's my briefcase, which is antique alligator. (This is true, I have an antique briefcase I use.) And the briefcase isn't closed, it's open, so I can see the red interior and all these termites (or some other rather vile insect) living in it. The strangest thing is that in addition to being home to these insects, my briefcase is also some kind of phone charger. Several times, I found myself reaching in to press these two buttons that released my mobile phone. The last time I did it, I pressed to hard and disturbed the insects' nest, so cue me running the hell out of there and slamming doors behind me.

My suitcase and communications are infested with bugs?
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Fresh as a wilted daisy

Proving once again that I'm becoming my mom, I got home from work today, stayed awake just long enough to get some work done for Caleb's company, then crashed out, watching some TV, listening to some music, and then falling asleep for a good hour. Been feeling so sleep-deprived lately, and like I can't get a minute to just chill out. However, I know that if I don't, I'm going to develop miserable stress-related disorders, so yeah, have to say "screw it" and just crash out occasionally.

Today's workday went well. First thing, I gave three members of the Environmental dept. an hour-long mini-lesson in web site document management. Then I got to work on various bits of the "web toolkit" I still had to do, finished up the Freight Mobility site, and started plugging away on converting the Clean Wagter Campaign site to RedDot. That last project is going to take me a couple of weeks, I think, as it's a big site, but it'll be nifty. It's weird how satisfying I find the RedDot work, considering it's really just a lot of detail-oriented, fiddly coding stuff, not design, but hey, whatever! Other stuff that happened: 1) meeting with my work team planning our project for next weeks' dept. retreat and 2) meeting with my boss on various matters we had to catch up on. And in between all that, got some lunch at Moe's, ate at home, played with the cat, and watched TV.

Now, work.
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Sugar eggs

The NY Times ran a piece on old-fashioned Easter sugar eggs recently. Now am I the only one who used to MAKE these? For a few years in a row, mom and I made these, filling various sized plastic eggs with damp sugar (mixed with eggwhite, I think), drying them out, then carving out the insides to make dioromas, using colored icing and stickers of bunnies and chickens. Those things were not only cool, but Mom and I would eventually eat them. They were just about pure sugar, but so what?

While I'm reminiscing, here are some other things I made with my mom, who was (and is) a slob but an awfully crafty one:

advent wreaths
candlesticks, decorated with pine cones
puppets (the kind with the inverted cone)
patterned stitch art
Christmas ornaments

My sisters recently confessed that, like me, to this day they still find themselves collecting bags of nuts, pinecones, buttons, etc., thinking one day they could use them in a craft project.
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Cheap drugs

So I picked up my (generic) Prozac yesterday and the pharmacist decided to give me a 90-day supply instead of just a month. And yet it was still only like $7! You know, there is something UP with the fact a month of BC costs me like $25 and anti-depressives are under $10, for 3 months. Perhaps people wouldn't get so depressed if they weren't so moody and/or pregnant and/or moms. Bah. I guess we are a Prozac Nation?

Meanwhile, when I have my annual physical in May, thinking about asking about getting of the stuff anyway, gradually, since I think now that I'm working I probably won't get as bad as I used to. Not that I wasn't depressed for years before hand, ups and downs, but I'm curious if I will instantly go crazy again or what. The thing I'm most wary about is my headaches coming back. I used to have these killer headaches very regularly and that stopped when I started on the medicine. I used to have to buy huge bottle of aspirin every few months but I've had the same one for a year or so now and it's only half-empty.