April 13th, 2006

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Much better

Well, now I feel much better!

Got home and pretty much went of to nap-nap land for two hours. Woke up around 7, watched Animal Planet while letting my brain de-fog, then made a very nice (vegegarian) shepherd's pie. Mmmm! Caleb came over around 8 and helpfully checked through the tax forms he'd filled out for me two months ago, then printed them out (he fills out the PDFs) and told me what to send where. And reminded me that I'm getting a refund from the Feds for nearly $3000. Yay. That'll go to pay off my credit card balance.

Meanwhile, Luckie is high, after eating 5-6 leaves of fresh catnip Caleb brought over. I'm printing the tax stuff and keep having to haul her out of the printer tray. I know she's going to be a handful tonight, bouncing off the furniture and chasing her tail.

Now I'm going to get to work, with a clear head!