April 15th, 2006

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Stuff I Did Today

From the mundane to the sublime:

1. Soaped myself up with almond oil soap, my favorite bath product ever.

2. Dissected technical structure of a web site and then recreated in it RedDot.

3. Heated up lunch at home and brought it down to Broad St. so I could eat for a bit with Caleb, Daniel and Carolina.

4. Played with Luckie.

5. Sent off my state and federal tastestaxes*; owed GA $150, will get $3000 from federal.

6. Went to Luke's and got an Odwalla carrot power bar. Yum!

7. Wrote a weekly status report for my boss.

8. Recorded a couple of voice posts while waiting for a bus on Auburn Ave.

9. Called my mother and talked for a few minutes. (FYI, Dad is still hangin' in there.)

10. Bought two pairs of vintage glasses -- one as regulars, one for prescription sunglasses -- and a vintage blouse.

11. Had "picnic" with the boys in Caleb's courtyard: vegetarian hot dogs w/buns, three-bean salad, and bread w/tomatoes & mozzarella. And beer.

12. Watched Cronos. (That movie was awesome!)

* What kind of weird typo what that?!
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Sleeping in the Dark

Once again, wore the siesta mask to bed. And once again, thought wearing a mask was somewhat annoying, I seem to feel much more refreshed than usual. Could it be that sleeping for five years in a place where it's just never DARK has been part of my whole fatigue problem? I will keep experimenting, but so far it's looking like sleeping in the DARK really does improve the quality of sleep.
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I didn't mean to, but...

So I went to this shopping center on Ponce to get my glasses done, but that didn't happen b/c I need an optometrist appointment first, and couldn't get one in 'til Wednesday. But since I was over there, I went shopping elsewhere. And laid out some dough at Whole Foods (including pizza for lunch) and Petsmart, where I got Luckie two more items to seal her princess status: a "nest" bed (actually not a cat one, but a small dog one, cat ones had no room for toys) and one of those chase-the-trapped-ball toys. I got her one of the rounds one with the cardboard circle in the middle. She got the concept immediately, was chasing the ball and scratching the cardboard within five minutes. Yay.

Like human like cat

Well, like human like cat!

Went to lie down for a second to listen to Morrissey's new album and watch Luckie play with her new toy -- which she LOVES -- and woke up an hour later. I was curled up on my side, head nestled on little pillows and my quilt around me. Luckie was curled up in her new cat bed, using the stuffed guinea pig as a pillow. Awwwww. She looked very cosy. Definitely likes her "nest"; has already been rearranging the toys, giving it a good scratch, etc. So now there's a human couch and a little cat couch in front of it. We'll both nap there.
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Pell, the happy bird

Cal's been gone about a month now and Pell continues to do very well. She seems a much happier, less stressed-out bird than before. How much of their time together was taken up with power jockeying, squabbling and fights I don't know, but I think it was more than I realized, because now that she's on her own, Pell's personanity has blossomed. She started playing with the toys in her cage, which she did every once in a while before, while Cal was never interested. She's been giving them so much attention I added a couple more toys to see if she'd like them now and in fact she did. Meanwhile with Spring here, with the migrating birds and sunny weather, she's been chirping away not just morning and evening, but often during the day. She's been trying out a lot of new sounds she never did before, and they sound like happy noises, like gurgling "I'm so pleased with myself" noises. As far as flight time goes, Pell seems to know how to make it very clear she wants out. When I come home from work, she'll start squawking and running around the cage making a fuss. I go to the bedroom, which tricks Luckie into following me, then shut the door behind me as I go and let Pell out. She flies around like crazy, doing tricks, then sits on top of the cage for an hour or more just preening and chortling and being happy.

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