April 19th, 2006

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Voice Post: Gah! I can't READ!

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“Post made while riding the 2 bus. I've just had an eye exam, including those dilation drops, and while I'm not having any trouble dealing with light and can see most things just fine, I can't READ! Went to Whole Foods and had to have somebody read the cheese labels for me. Can't read the display on my phone either. I find this MOST distressing!”

Transcribed by: wiebke
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Gas/Energy Saving Tip #1

I'm starting a new series that will be all gas/energy saving tips. This will be stuffed I've learned from experience or have gathered from sources offering similar advice. But mainly I intend to keep this based on experience.

Gas/Energy Saving Tip #1: Power Trips

As a transit rider, I like to combine trips, so rather than going on one trip across town to go to one store, I'll go somewhere and do 3-4 errands at once. For example, today I went to Whole Foods for a snack, had an eye exam, ordered new lenses, went back to Whole Foods to get some groceries, plus ate dinner, then topped it off by stopping by Petsmart to get litter for the guinea pigs. Another trip might be: going to an antique store, going to a nearby supermarket, then having lunch. Or going to Target, going grocery shopping, going to Petco, browsing around for paint samples at Lowe's.

Anyway, you get the idea.

Now this is not just helpful for somebody like me who's taking transit and therefore wants to make sometimes inefficient trips more efficient: It can be very helpful -- and something to save you GAS MONEY -- to combine trips even when you're driving. Next time you need to go grocery shopping, ask yourself if there are any other errands you have to run. Anything you need at the hardware store? Pet supplies? Do you need new pillowcases? Think about what you need to do and think if there is anywhere you can go where there are stores that would satisfy most of these needs. Then drive there, park, and walk around to the various shops. If you need to put stuff in the car, do that, but walk around, because this way you don't have to hassle with finding a new spot, plus, saving gas again, PLUS you're exercising. And on top of it all, you've taken care of these errands all on one day so you don't spend the time making 2-3 more trips.

I don't mean to be preachy, but people in general need to think a lot more about their lifestyles and how they can make some changes. You might think "What can I do that will really matter?" But there ARE things -- things that can save you money and conserve resources.
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Random thought

Do you think Donald Trump is annoyed by the fact that he can't block all those "Donald Trump University" and "Be Rich Like Donald Trump" spam, because then he won't get his real mail?
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Pickle Rec

It's really hard to get good pickles... at least in Atlanta. And bottled ones usually suck. Except for Bubbies Pure Kosher Dills. They are crisp, flavorful, and according to the package contain "no sugar, vinegar or other preservatives," yet nonetheless taste very, um, pickly! Not too sour though. I think there's also a variety of garlic pickles they make or used to make but I haven't seen it in the store lately.

The best pickles I ever ate: the Lower East Side. From this place that sells them on the sidewalk, from actual BARRELS. OMG, yum! Another good spot for pickles: the deli next to the North Reading hair salon my mom used to take me to as a teenager. One time I had one from there was so good, i.e. sour, that it burned the skin off my lips. I know that doesn't sound like much of a rec, but I like sour.

P.S. While I'm at it, another rec: Morrissey's new album. Well, unless you hate Morrissey, because it's very Morrissey.
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Geeky Job Fun

I caught myself being a geek today. Well, I guess you could just say I was getting really into my job, off the job, but still, overall, complete geek thing:

I spent a lot of my trip after work -- when I wasn't finishing up an Isak Dineson story -- going over how I'm going to set up a component in the web site I'm currently setting up in RedDot. Going up the escaltor at Peachtree Center, I found myself feeling a rush of anticipation for the moment I can sit down and set up the content classes for these rows I need to insert as dynamic elements in a certain page foundation. It'll be so cool!

I have now been at my job for over a month and still am really enjoying it. There are many pluses to it and hardly any downsides at all, other than it's causing Metro Girl to be slammed and behind... and I can't really web surf (or listen to online music) during the day. Meanwhile the speed at which I've managed to pick up this CMS amazes me. It's not like it's an easy system, like WYSIWYG, any monkey can do it -- it requires a lot of planning, thinking, breaking things down into "modules," piecing together code, etc. And it was designed by GERMAN software engineers, so you can imagine, the interface is not very damn intuitive. So I feel pretty proud about having learned it to the point I'm doing my second site from scratch and am whizzing along
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