April 20th, 2006

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Day in the country

Despite the fact I now have a pounding headache and am realllly grumpy AND my outlook.pst file just f'in decided to get a file error, I had a very nice day. Today was our department retreat, which we held down at this place Serenbe down near Palmetto. It was BEAUTIFUL. Most surprising to me, I had a lot of fun and felt like our group really, seriously accomplished something in terms of building group spirit, reenergizing our mission, and coming up with stragegies and ideas for the next year -- or next couple of years! I have a very low tolerance for corporate teambuilding, mission-statement-building crap, but this whole thing, facilitated by this woman Judy and the woman who did our communications audit two years ago, was actually lots of fun and also practical. We came up with a long list of do-able "deliverables," not pie-in-the-sky schemes or stupid, feel-good mission statement type things. I have a feeling good things are in store!

I took some really nice pictures, too. If I don't go to bed soon, which I may, I'll post them. If I do knock off, I'll share them tomorrow.
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Outlook headache

Found out what's wrong with my Outlook. Apparently, so Microsoft support info says, inboxes have an upper limit of 2 GB. Who the hell knew THAT?! Couldn't I get a warning? I've been procrastinating about cleaning out my inbox and grrrr, this is what I get. The good news is there's a tool designed to trim down the size. After that I will be tossing out half my email. At least. Then killing the one account that gets all the spam that goes in the spam folder and probably is what tanked the program.

Meanwhile this thing explains a lot of why my Outlook has been so completely funky for so long -- freezes up on me, SpamKiller is soooooo slow, etc. I bet once I have a cleaned up inbox, it will run like brand new. I am so looking forward to tossing out like a GIG worth of email.

This would be better if I didn't have a bad headache right now.

UPDATE: Well, it's almost 1:30 and the problem still isn't fixed. It'll take a couple days I think, because in order to make a fix, I have to run a process that scans and truncates the file, then run Scanpst.exe on it, which takes forever, and then actually have Scanpst repair the file. If the file hasn't been truncated enough, I still can't open it in Outlook. So I have to keep running the fixer program 'til I shave off enough. I'm being conservative now but after a couple more times I'm just going to take off all the MBs I'm above 2 MB. And then as soon as I get Outlook up and running, I'm going immediately start deleting mail. Big time.