April 22nd, 2006

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Here's a tip

Don't let your Outlook inbox (.pst) files grow up to be cowboys.

Especially not cowboys over 2 gigs.

I just got Outlook to open a "recovered," cleaned inbox file I'd coaxed some programs into producing and it looked like about 95% of my mail was just gone. So I'm try again, because there are some steps I might have gotten wrong. I think I will only try once more tonight though, since bed is calling.
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Mail Fixed *knock on wood*

I got my email fixed. I seem only to have lost about 4-5 days worth of mail (the file trimmer apparently is smart and cuts on the newer additions) and using Plaxo I was able to sync and recover my calendar, tasks, etc. About the only bit of weirdness is my inbox is now called Recovered Folder 8082 -- and I can't rename the folder. I guess this will be a reminder to me to delete my email. I've also put a put a piece of tape (not a sticky note!) on my computer saying "DELETE EMAILS." I delete about 800 from Caleb's work last night. I'm sure I can delete 90% of my client mail, no problem. Such a digital packrat!
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Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Just got this email, from somebody filling out the form on the MG web site:

Subject: hi my name is ashley and u SUCK!!!!!!

Name: ashley

Email: __________@aol.com

Phone: 6098929934

Message: u suck suck suck o yeah l-o-s-e-r loser
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Food in America

Last night I read (and read out loud to Caleb) this terrific article on what and how Americans eat. If you care about what you put in your mouth -- and especially if you are vegetarian or espouse organic food, but even if you just try to "eat healthy" -- you should read this. Let's just say that you might not be eating what you think you're eating.

America's Eating Disorder

The interview/article is long, but stick with it, as there are many, MANY good points. The one about America not having a "stable food culture" particularly struck me.
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Girls Day Out

Just got back from a whole afternoon of being extremely girly: shopping at Phipps Plaza!

Amanda picked me up at Doraville around 1 and after a stop at CVS on Peachtree Industrial, we went down to the mall and spent 4-5 hours at just Nordstrom and Parisian. And, yes, we actually bought stuff :) There was a lot of stuff we sure as hell DIDN'T buy, but by hunting and digging through sale racks we made out well. I wound up with another super comfortable pair of Munroe American office dress shoes, a really cool and unique white blouse, and yet another cute velvet skirt, only wine-colored and not black. Amanda got two tops and would've got shoes except she was having bad luck with shoes. We also had lunch at the food court and at the end of it all, had tea at this nice tea shop. Yummmmy tea!

I'll be seeing Amanda tomorrow at the writers group meeting and maybe also this week, as we talked about dyeing one another's hair. Because, yeah, we are total "girlfriends" in a way I haven't been able to be with anyone since Kristina split town for Philadelphia. It's wonderful to go shopping with somebody who's close to your size, with a similar mind-set as far as pricing and style goes, and is also fun and can give you tips, like how the whole camesol thing works. Yay for Girls Day Out.
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The Crow

Well, I *finally* got around to watching The Crow. Somehow I had never seen it before, despite the fact I had several friends waaaaay into it and own a story anthology with Crow-inspired stories of revenge and redemption. And not like I don't ever watch dark, atmospheric goth movies. But anyway, I finally saw it and WOW, I liked it. It was so much better than I even expected and it ever surprised me in certain spots. The whole time I was watching I kept going, "Whoah, this is so coooool!" It was like a two-hour-long music video. A really rainnnny video. Also probably one of the best violent movies I've seen.

The last Netflix movie I watched was Cronos, which was a damn good horror film and a very unique vampire flick. The next in my queue: Lair of the White Worm, adapted from a Bram Stoker story. Because you know I just go for those happy movies filled with sunshine.

Also among the next 10: The Piano, The Testament of Dr. Mabuse, Triumph of the Will, Heavenly Creatures, Chocolat, Finding Neverland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Batman, and Alexander. So I guess I'll be moving away from darkness soon enough and into Johnny Depp and epics.