April 23rd, 2006

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Picture Post - Serenbe

Finally getting around to posting pictures from Serenbe, the development in south Fulton County my department visited for our day-long retreat on Thursday. I won't get into the whole background of the place, but it's basically trying to do a new kind of development, where rather than taking 1000 acres and disturbing 80% of it by building houses all over, it's only distrubing 30% of it and meanwhile what is built is following strong preservation measures for building, reuse of water, plus land is being used for organic farming.

The building next to the retreat conference center has rooms in it as part of a B&B type thing.

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New glasses!

I picked up my new (but actually antique) glasses Friday afternoon and took some pics yesterday. I got one set for general use and then a set of prescription sunglasses.

Black plastic, and three rows of sparkly rhinestone thingies on each side :)

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Some of the pics of me are crap but that because they're self-portraits and my face is all pudgy as of late, unfortunately. And man do I need a haircut. I haven't had one since sometime in early February.
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Happy Birthday

I'm not the sort who gives birthday shout-outs to everybody, but I have to say...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, versailles_rose

Hopefully somebody bothered to pamper her in some way today, she deserves it.
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Cat and Bird

For those of you who've asked how Luckie gets along with Pell, here's your answer:

I don't yell at Luckie if she just sits like this. She touches the cage, she gets yelled at.
Meanwhile, Pell's like, "That THING is there again." Luckie: "That THING!"

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I would definitely say that although I occasionally have to yell at Luckie for lying on top of the cage or pawing the back side of it, mostly she just watches, like it's TV. And Pell barely seems to care at all!

Oh, and yes, that cage is big, it's not an optical illusion. And Luckie is pretty small.