April 26th, 2006

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Daily Morrissey quote

As I live and breathe
You have killed me
You have killed me
Yes I walk around somehow
But you have killed me
You have killed me

And there is no point saying this again
There is no point saying this again
But I forgive you, I forgive you
Always I do forgive you

- "You Have Killed Me," Ringleader of the Tormentors

My Favorite Things

Actually this post is about LUCKIE's favorite things.

25 of Luckie's Favorite Things

1. Getting her ears rubbed.
2. Being kissed on the nose.
3. Tuna.
4. Lactose-free "cat milk."
5. Watching the bird.
6. Chasing red pointer lights and/or flashlight spots.
7. Chasing and eating miller moths.
8. Rounding up stuffed toy mice under the piano.
9. Dozing in the middle of the couch, right on the crack between the cushions.
10. The red and white octopus.
11. Chasing anything attached to a string on a stick.
12. The pillow on the west-facing side of my bed.
13. Wrestling.
14. Catnip.
15. Looking at pictures of animals on my laptop.
16. Getting her fur brushed or combed.
17. Playing in the bathroom sink.
18. Curling up in the bathroom sink.
19. Q-Tips.
20. Going under the covers on my bed.
21. Sleeping on piles of clothes.
22. Meat.
23. Sitting on the round chase-a-ball toy.
24. Tearing appart the toy spider.
25. Manipulating me.