April 30th, 2006


Special Kitty

Sometimes I feel like, as far as Luckie goes, she's my Snuffleupagus, who is real to me but invisible to others. Not that they can't SEE her, but she acts quite differently around other people, versus when she's with me. Caleb and Daniel are constantly remarking about it, comparing her to other cats and how they act, saying Luckie is stand-offish, "scared of everything," snobby, etc. Yet with me she's not like that, but is sweet, affectionate, loyal, snuggly and attention-hogging. She's just rather shy when its other people, so I'm also having to say, "Well, she does that around me" and "Really she only likes me." I feel special being the only one who gets to see her at her best.
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Naive headline of the day

From CNN:
Energy chief: High gas prices could last 3 years

More like: High gas prices are going to last FOREVER and they're going to go WAY UP. Saying gas prices could go back down to "normal" levels of $1.50 or whatever is like saying one day milk will be down to 10 cents again. Um, ain't gonna happen. It's more like that gas will, with 10 years, go up to over $10/gallon and basically become the precious resource it really IS. This in turn in going to spark radical changes in the way gas is consumed, far more radical than just hybrid cars.

In the meantime, it's interesting to what extent the whole "trickle down" effect of gas prices is being ignored. Consumers aren't the only ones impacted. Another high-profile "victim" is the airline industry. But then there are tons of other industries that basically have been set up to assume gas costs $X and are now suffering, and having to raise prices, because prices are up. These industries include: shipping (FedEx, UPS, USPS), public transit systems, trucking companies, taxis, food delivery (pizza and Chinese, for example), shippers, and more. So while somebody like me who doesn't have a vehicle doens't see the cost of gas going up directly, other costs do come into it, like higher shipping costs, higher prices on food delivery, higher costs for certain goods, higher airares, etc.

I never took economics but the economics of gas I can grasp.
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Why, brain, why?

Well, the marketing person at University of Pittsburgh would be pleased to know that for some reason I DREAMED I was going there for grad school. That's right, I dreamed I had applied to attend U. Pittsburgh and was packing up my stuff to move there. The dream wasn't set now, but right after college, so I had a lot less stuff. I have no clue what was going to be studying, but I know I was going to Pennsylvania and was going to be a grad student.

Much as I loved school, I've never wanted to go to grad school, BTW, and I don't think that's changed. No clue what I would study anyway.
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Having another dizzy spell. It started around 5 when I was on the phone with somebody. I ended the call, which was getting long anyway, saying I had to eat , but despite having eaten a whole bunch of things since then, I'm still light-headed. I had grapes, an apple, a couple glasses of water, and two German lebkuchen cookies. I know I need somethiing but I don't know what. Maybe salt? Boillion is always what my mom told me to drink if I was dizzy and it often works, for whatever reason. Meanwhile, gah, it's hard to work when you feel kind of like you're going to pass out.

UPDATE: The salty drink worked. I never understand HOW but it does work. Mom is so smart.

UPDATE 2: Well, found at least one reference saying drink bouillon to overcome dizziness due to low blood pressure. Ah ha!