May 5th, 2006

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The Friday Five: Name

From thefridayfive

1) Do you like your birth-name? Why?

[For reference, my name is Wendy Darling. And yes, it IS the same name as that girl...]

Yes. Went through a period where it was just annoying as crap but by now I've come to think it has a lot of advantages: Completely easy to spell and pronounce and verrrrrrrrry memorable. Hardly anybody ever forgets or mispronounces my name. So people do the whole "Windy"/"Windi" thing, but that's not too horrible.

2) If you could change your name to anything else, what would it be?

People already think my name is fake, so I've kind of never thought of it.

However, I like Wiebke as a first name. One of my IM pseudonyms is Lucus Bellisle and that name is hilariously fake, too. I certainly wouldn't change it to Ann Smith or something.

3) What names would you consider giving your children?

Not that I'm planning on kids, but I do have lists!

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4) If you had a band, what would you name it, and why?

I've hit on some good band names before, but can't think of any at the moment. I think it'd likely be something really surreal, like Prune Danish -- a band from my high school. That was a brilliant name and their ads were all photocopied picture of pastry.

5) Is there a name that you completely hate? Why?

I'm not very keen on names that have "creative" spelling. I can understand ethnically/historical correct, like Sean versus Shawn, but a lot of this crap is just annnnnnoying and makes for "misspellings."

Wendy in the News

I was on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution web site just now and suddenly realized that by doing a search of their archives, I could find out -- without digging through my file folders -- how many times I've been in the paper. People are always going, "You're in the paper AGAIN?!"

Here's a summary, most recent to back to 1996, when I first moved here, and wrote my first letter to the editor.

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Um, OK, really IS a lot I guess. And I'm SURE there are some missing, like the several reader editorials I wrote that got published, including one descring Downtown in the aftermath of a snowstorm and a few others on MARTA or Downtown. I've also been written up in Creative Loafing, The Story, Intown Living, and some other papers, like the one that wrote that fanfic article.

And meanwhile? I was interviewed for an article last week that will probably appear this weekend or Monday. And Monday afternoon I'm doing a video shoot with a producer for that's a personal video tour of Downtown Atlanta.
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Metro Girl mail

Another bizarre msg in through my web site. What is UP with people?

Subject: Hi

Name: Shaz


Phone: ___ 759 2100

I AM HERE ALONE. BUSINESS TRIP. CAN CONTACT ME AT HOUSTON at this phone number ___.759.2100 room 316 OR YAHOO MESSENGER / EMAIL AT s h a h z a r 2 @ ______ . c o m and lets go for a date. I am looking for a long term relationship.

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Dad update

For those curious how Dad is doing:

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So short version is that Dad's doing better, although the doctor wants to move him to a hospital in Boston and he does NOT want to go, which is understandable, because he wants to go HOME. But hopefully things continue to improve and Mom gets to take Dad home, where he will definitely do much better than in a hospital, just because he'll be comfortable and happy and in control.

The real bummer? Dialysis. Many years ago (like 50!) Dad had a huge infection that started in his teeth and gums and spread to his jaw. He had to have a lot of his teeth and part of his jaw taken out when he was like 25. That seemed like the major damage, but there was collateral damage when the infection spread to his heart and kidneys. His kidneys have been in bad shape for decades; when I was a kid Dad would miss work because of "gout," which in reality wasn't gout but his kidneys shutting down, though he didn't want to tell us that. And now they got below 30% functional so he has to do dialysis.