May 9th, 2006

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Well, gosh, I've been a busy bee. Busy all morning working, then stood in line at the post office for half my lunch break, worked all afternoon, worked two hours after that finishing the festival/tour program book, went to a meeting for two hours... then got home and... worked again. Actually twice today Caleb came over to do something on my computer, so at least I couldn't work then. I played with the cat and emptied the dishwasher.


I think Luckie is almost making a sound that sounds like "Hello." I know some cats can make "talking" sounds like "Mama" and "Iloveyou." Who knows, it MAY pop out of her mouth someday. Tonight she was very vocal, practicing a two-syllable squeak.


The other night I pulled out my old "Woman Journal," which I started in like 1998 or 1999 after buying The Art of Dating Women (or something with a title close to that) and being just determined to make some progress re dating women. It's a journal of exercises, notes, confessions, etc. It hasn't been updated in a lonnnnnnnnng time.

Anyway, going through the journal was... interesting. Must say, I haven't changed all that much with regard to things, except I am just way more blase about everything. Not unlike my attempts to lose weight, my attempts to go out and date women are usually short-lived and sputter out at the first round of disappointment. These days I think "Oh, that'd be nice..." and am more certain than ever that I prefer women over men by quite a lot... but I haven't much interest in doing anything about it. So much freakin' EFFORT! Still, I read those old moans of mine and yes, I'm still pretty much the same, same hang-ups, same stupid things happening over and over again.

Yes, I am the female Morrissey. No freakin' joke.


The haunting in my house has been gaining strength lately, Caleb keeps saying. I wonder why that is. Caleb says the restoration of the old Winecoff hotel is possibly disturbing the local "haints" but I don't know. I do know that just typing about it made all the hairs stand up on my arms...


Lately I've found myself being a lot thirstier and hungrier than usual. Also keep having a lot of cramps and bad gas. I wonder if there's anything going on. Thursday I have my annual physical with Dr. Jones, so I can ask him I guess.
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sideview, obamame_sideview

Daily Morrissey quote

Don't leave it all unsaid
somewhere in the wasteland of your head
and make no mistake, my friend
your pointless life will end
but before you go
can you look at the truth?
You have a lovely singing voice
a lovely singing voice
and all of those
who sing on key
they stole the notion
from you and me

- "Sing Your Life," Kill Uncle, Morrissey

My office assistant

Well, I've said Luckie always finds fun stuff to do in the bathroom. Lately, however, she's working on exploring the possibilities of my office.

Right now she seems to have chased one of my earrings under the little rug under my chair. And she's going to get it out.

Her favorite spots to lie down here? The carrying case for my laptop and inside the desk. She crawls in from below and gets behind the drawers. Oh, and she also goes on the windowsill, although she's more likely to go there to attack the window. I think she sees her own reflection in it at night because she attacks it at night, like "Must GET it!"

Cardboard boxes are fun. Not just to lie in, but to chew.

And piles of papers are always attractive to cats.