May 11th, 2006

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Opening for Web Engineer at the White House

I kid you not, I got this ACTUAL, FOR-REAL email today on a job opening at the White House.

From the email:

    Dear Colleague,

    WEB Engineer, White House position that might be of interest to you has been posted on the Defense Talent Network. Looking for a seasoned WEB Developer\Engineer to work at the White House Military Office (WHMO). WHMO is the White House Communications Agnecy's superior operational agency.

    Competitive compensation and great benefits program!

    If you would like additional information on these career opportunities (at no cost or obligation), please click on the links below.

    WEB Engineer, White House

OK, so when I read the job description (see that link!), I was like "Shut the f*ck up!" Because a lot of it sounds like a "me" job, except with some tech skills I don't have, and it pays like $100K/year.

I also don't meet this requirement:

Candidate must have a CURRENT Top Secret Clearance granted/updated within 36 months.

Also, I won't stuff my head up Dubya's ass.

Jeez, and I thought working at Georgia Tech pushing DOD-funded military tech projects was bad... or that working at the Georgia DOT would've been bad. But working on the White House web site? Whaaaaaaaaat?!
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Darling Dear

I discovered Urban Dictionary today. OMG.

But anyway, WTF is up with this definition of "darling." I think it's about ME.. and Caleb.

A darling is someone who is best friends with a dear. There are inseperable and therefore called a dear_darling. Darling is totally rad and does what she thinks is cool and not what others think. She dresses the way she wants, talks the way she wants, and always makes people laugh. She is super smart, talented and connected at the hip with dear. A darling must always have a cd player with music handy because that is what she's all about. A darling must be your best friend and someone you can always count on and trust. Never mistake a darling for a dear, because even though they are best friends, they are very distinct.

Dear Darling,
we looked totally rad with our stick on finger nail stickers today.


Is it me?
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After my physical today... doctor told me that I'm "very healthy and doing much, much better!"

I've been going to Dr. Jones for a year now, having switched to him when I knew I needed to do something about my depression and also get a doctor who's simply straight-talking and pushes preventative health. Well, this time last year I was depressed, fatigued, and out of shape. Turns out, he tells me now, my EKG showed some irregularity or other, but this time around it was fine -- plus I'm no longer depressed, have a lot more energy, and am (somewhat) more in shape. (Hey, if I biked from Decatur back home the other day, I am not that bad off!) My blood pressure is very good, my pulse remains very low, got a strong heart, and hopefully my regular lab tests come back OK and I don't have any weird issues going on.

So the good doctor was very pleased with my turnaround, but when we sat and talked afterward, he gave me marching orders: "You need to lose the weight. 20 pounds. The best thing you could do for yourself. This time next year, you will be 20 lbs. lighter. You must exercise. Sign up for a gym membership today."

Well, typical me, I followed ordered and within a couple of hours was at the nearest gym, Peachtree Center Athletic Club, which happens to be awesome, getting a tour and getting quotes on rates. Turns out that since I work for the gov't, there's a special 30% off discount on the monthly fee, plus same discount on the enrollment. And there's an extra deal going on 'til Monday -- first month free, $20 off enrollment, discount spa treatment, and a free personal trainer session.

Using the "pass" I got at lunchtime, I went in tonight -- per my earlier voice post -- and had one of the best workouts in memory! I love the gym b/c it really is a club, very luxurious, with a lot of perks and also a lot of privacy, rather than being this little crowded place in a strip mall. There is every kind of equipment, a whole roster of classes, plus all different sorts of game courts, a swimming pool, track, sauna and steamroom. I did 2 stairmasters, stretched, did some reallly light hand weights, then took a shower, changed, and went swimming. I did about a dozen back and forths, a couple on my back, a couple overhand, then then rest using a paddleboard, which was very effective. I was so worked out after that! Back in the locker room, took another shower and then just had to test out the steamroom and sauna. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, nice!

I'm signing up for a membership tomorrow.