May 12th, 2006

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A good end to my Friday!

I did it again -- went to the gym after work! And again, had a blast, or at least got a major natural high. Today I was there for like 2 hours, 1 1/2 hours of that exercising NON-STOP. I feel like a kid in a playground at this place, there are so many things to do, a lot of variety, so if you don't want to do one thing, you can do something else, try something new.

Here's what I did today:
  • 25 minutes on the killer stairmaster at "fat burner" setting. OMG, that thing makes me flush in 5 minutes. I did *70* floors!
  • Leg stretches for flexibility. A lot of them. I was able to grab my toes, surprisingly.
  • 10 repeat of this made-up thing I call "slow arms" where I lie on my back and do slow arcs with my arms.
  • 20 reps each arm with 5 lb. weights. (Yes, I am a wimp with no arm muscles... yet.)
  • 20 incline sit-ups. (I'm always surprised I can do these, but I can.)
  • 20 minutes on an exercise bike set for some crazy hill setting.
  • 15 minutes shooting hoops (um, yes, really) in an empty gymnasium. I made swooshes!

I topped it with a quick sit in the steam bath -- which feels soooooooooo good to my respiratory system -- and a visit to the sauna as well. I was sooooooooo sated!


Afterward I called Caleb, who said he was going to a retirement professor for Larry Keating, one of his professors at Tech, over at Manuel's Tavern. We met up and went over there, saw a bunch of people he and I both know, Tech people and planning people. We left after maybe 45 minutes because I was really hungry. Went to Pura Vida, the tapas place nearby, and at at the bar. I had yummmmmmmmy food. Tapas rules! We managed to catch another bus and took it to Midtown, where I got to visit the new Publix for the first time. Wonderful! I got food and we went home. Luckie was glad to see me!


I need an exercise icon. I used to have one of me biking and looking really tired. Now I should make one of me, um... on the stairmaster maybe?

Made mom happy!

In other news, mom loved the peonies I sent her. I love The bouquets and things are not cheap, but Mom is always in AWE of them and, having ordered them for myself, so am I. They come fresh-cut from California, often sold only in season, and arrive in bud form so they take a few days to blossom, then last for like 3 weeks. Beautiful, beautiful flowers. My mom is worth a million bucks anyway.


Oh, and BTW, Mom is doing fine. Dad had dialysis today but he was sounding pretty good.