May 15th, 2006

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From Mom

Two points:

1) my hometown in Mass. is flooding, which isn't a surprise, historically it's happened quite a few times;

2) I have a new nephew (topping out the nieces & nephews at 8), named Joseph.

But in her own words:

Everything is flooded. Shawsheen square (where Oma lived)
was underwater yersterday already and is much worse today.
Remember the pond behind the liquor store? It overflowed
into Shawsheen Square. The Shawsheen won't crest till tomorrow.

I left the hospital early because I kept watching the Spicket River and
was afraid my car would soon be part of the river. The nurses who
parked across the street early this morning had their cars in about 1 ft
of water by 10 am. You can watch out of Dad's window and watch the
river rise. It has just reached the bottom of the bridge when I left.

The great dam in Lawrence only has a drop of 3 or 4 feet tonight.
Something to see.

Tom and Cathy had their baby today. A boy, Joseph Thompson Darling, 9
something pounds. All doing fine.


And a P.S. that arrived later:

Whoah! The MBTA commuter rail line that goes from Boston to Andover goes right by this big pond. I bet anything that the rail is going to be washed out. How my mom is going to get to Lawrenece tomorrow to see Dad is anybody's bed. Like most places in the area, Lawrence is located where it is because there's a big river, the Merrimac, plus some smaller ones, and the city has industrial canals.