May 17th, 2006

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Dads and kids

The other day a report came out talking about how apparently women can suss out whether a guy is good with kids / likes kids, and it attracts them.

Like, duh!

For me, if I see a guy out on his own with a kid -- esp. an infant, toddler or kid under 5 -- and he looks comfortable and happy doing it, it's a total turn-on to me. It's like some primordial, otherwise dormant instinct kicks in and I realize this guy would be good breeding material because he's demonstrating ability to care for offspring, not just "sire" them. I see a guy come onto a subway car with a stroller, I immediately am like, "Oooh! Way to guy, guy! Hmmm, what a lucky woman the mom is!"

My own dad, who my mom recently told me has never really liked kids (at least, not under 10), was always pretty good with us. But that only figures since effectively he was the domestic half of the marriage, handling cooking, supermarket shopping, dishes, dishwasher, garbage, etc., even when he was still working. Mom did all the finances and taxes.
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Where is it?

2-3 weeks ago I got interviewed by the AJC, the local daily, about my MARTA card collection. I got called back a few days later with a follow-up question, the kind of thing reporters ask when they're putting together their final story. But the story has never appeared. I keep checking their web site every day, using the search function even, and yet no story about my transit geekery. *sniff*

Oh, Tit Wrench, where art thou?

This won't mean much to anybody reading, but...

In light of the current immigration/guestworkers/fence-building brouhaha currently at large, I really, really, REALLY wish Tit Wrench would get back together, start doing some concerts and make a new album.

For the past few days, I keep having bits of their song "Go Back to Europe!" popping up, including lines like "In Berlin they tore down the wall... but we've got an even bigger one" and a snippet of some female politician saying "If they break the law trying to get into this countryl... why not break it once they're here?"

Man, I long for Tit Wrench.
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Working out is working out

So, today marked a week since I started going to the gym and I've gone 5 out of the 7 days. Went again tonight and worked out for a couple of hours. It's crazy how I get going once I start and there, there are so many things I want to try. Today I did the "killer stairmaster" (a.k.a the stairstep/escalator machine) as always, leg stretches, a couple kinds of weights, sit-ups, stationary bike, and this sort of ski/run machine that looked like it was off an infomercial. I would've gone swimming too but the water aerobics class was taing up all the lanes, and I would've done basketball but Wednesday is tourney night. Even so, I'm sure I burned like 500-600 calories and I continue to see improvement in my muscles, stamina, etc. Also, according to the digital scale in the locker room, I may have lost 2 lbs. Which is a big amount for me, the ssale tends to go like .01 a week normally.

Sign of how much I'm liking this gym thing? I'm sort of annoyed I can't go again tomorrow, even though the reason I can't is because I have a big party to go to. I'll go Friday though and hopefully can go swimming again. Looooove swimming.

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Mock The Stuipid - Web Comic

OK, so opalcat, the mod of mock_the_stupid, had a really good idea:

Mock the Stupid - The Web Comic

All the strips are based on posts from the community. Opal is doing some comics herself and then there are reader-submitted ones, all styles. Artists have to get permission from original poster before they use their story in a comic.

My favorite so far is the one about only pretty animals having souls.
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