May 21st, 2006

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Bizzzzzy Weekend Downtown

Well, haven't posted all weekend because WHOAH was I busy! It was the weekend of the Atlanta Downtown Festival & Tour and I volunteered something like 10 hours total, plus I spent time just out in the festival and on the tour. On top of that, went out to dinner, went to a party, ate over at Caleb's, watched part of Narnia on DVD... Yeah, I was busy.

Anyway, to catch up:

1) Yesterday I got assigned to work the tour trolley-bus, as a tour guide basically. It was so fun and people loved me so much, I did it again today. 4 hours yesterday, 3 hours today. Went around the loop like... 20 times! I really could be a tour guide, seriously.

2) I also volunteered over at Renaissance Lofts yesterday afternoon, as a lobby attendant, directing people to the units, taking questions, monitoring the comings and goings of the shuttle. For a building at used to be the EPA, that building is way cool.

3) Managed to avoid buying too much stuff at the festival, but... I did buy some lovely handcrafted artisan jewelry, two sets of $8 "bargain bin" earrings and an enormous pineapple quartz pendant on a silver chain, which was only like $24. It is sooooo pretty! I gave consideration to buying a unique endtable/coffeetable made from a 19th century "doll trunk," but even though I loved all the ones the vendor had, none of them were exactly the right height or size and since the cheapeast was $225, I decided I'd rather have something I was completely happy with.

4) Also had some good food this weekend, at the festival and outside of it. There was a vendor doing roasted corn. I had two cobs today -- yum! Also enjoyed some oatmeal cookies from a cookie vendor, and 2-3 cups of Sweetwater Blue from our beer truck. Last night I went over to my friend's Marty's new restaurant Sops and had one of the best fish (tilapia) sandwiches I've ever had. Maybe THE best. I'm so excited he has a sit-down place now. Later on I went over Susan's for her annual mid-festival staff party. I ate some junk food there but seeing as I'd hardly eaten and had worked HARD all day, physically, I felt I had license. Then tonight Caleb made delish pasta, which was great since I way too tired to cook. In fact I fell asleep on his living room floor right after I ate :)

5) I took a LOT of pictures this weekend, only half of which I've posted so far. You can see them here:

Architecture of Downtown Atlanta, on Skyscraper Forum

More Architecture on the Forum

Festival Pictures!!!!!

I'll probably also make a separate LJ post with some of my favs. For now, here's one I really like:

6) Lots more... but that's all for now :O)