May 27th, 2006

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Posting from Sunday School... yes, that's right

Well, after a long and irksome journey last night (flight delayed 4 hours), I've made it up to Massachusetts. Right now I'm sitting in one of the Sunday school classrooms at church while Mom works on some stuff for this church and the church she works for across town. I just helped out by folding up 75 bulletins for tomorrow's service, plus a bunch of children's programs. Brought my laptop because Mom said she might want me to redesign the cover of an annual report for the other church. Meanwhile I dicovered there's wireless here, unsecured, so of course I downloaded my mail and now I'm on LJ :)

We're going to the hospital this afternoon. My sister Betty is coming from Sturbridge with my niece and we're all meeting there. Then probably Mom will take Julianna home and babysit while Betty and I hang out with Dad. I really, really, don't want to have to visit a hospital (last year I waited 'til Dad was home to come visit) but hey, have no choice. Hopefully we can talk about lots of things. I dressed all nice for him, I know he always likes how I dress.

The house is surprisingly clean. I think between my sisters' coming and helping out and Mom making obvious effort, the house has been cleaned up very well, way, way, above average. The yard looks great too; Mom says she mowed the lawn the other day. (Mom is in good mental and physical health, she can do anything somebody half her age can.) The only problem right now is these ants that are all over the kitchen. They're HUGE -- those 1/3-inch long ones that are like small animals. They're all over the floor, under everything, climbing across the ceiling. Can't figure out why they all of a sudden came inside. There's not much food or anything they're eating. They're so gross... I hope we can some ant traps, tired of smushing them alredy!
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At the UU

So now I'm at the Unitarian Universalist church where my mom works part-time. And just designed the cover for the church's annual report.

The minister came in and said, "Wait, is THIS daughter a computer geek, too?" Because all FOUR of us are. Meanwhile Mom says, "Yes, my son is the only one who can't do technology." Oh, our family turns stuff around!

Meanwhile there are brochures all over talking about acceptance of GLBT, Spanish language outreach, antiwar posters, etc. I love it!