May 29th, 2006

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From Logan

Well, I'm at Logan airport in Boston waiting for my plane. As always, I got here really early, and since I had my laptop, I decided it'd be worth it to get a "day pass" for airport WiFi service. I put it on my business card and yay, it's very speedy service. Got all my email in 5 minutes, am doing Web, doing IM, etc.

Anyway, saw my Dad again today. I feel like I have to make up for lost time not visiting him all these times before, plus honestly, even though he's doing well enough he can go home in a couple days probably, his health is so tenuous that any future setback really might be the end of him. We visited this morning around 9:30, trying to catch him before his dialysis session, but they had taken him for some tests really early today and were just hooking him up when we got there. You can't exactly "chill" in a dialysis center full of people who mostly look like they're dying, so we left and decided to come back later.

Luckily we had a nice destination in mind -- Marblehead. The drive over there is around 45 min. from Lawrence but it was wonderful. We went to a little harborside park, walked all around the crooked streets, where most of the houses date from the 1600s-1800s, had breakfast, and went into the few shops that were open. We got to go to my favorite shop there (one of my fav anywhere!) called Paris Market (or something), which has the most wonderful costume jewelry, small antiques, consignments items. I got a gorgeous necklace, black salamander pin, compact (with a 40s pin-up girl on it), soap and lovely candles. The weather was great and the air was so clear and good.

Afterward we stopped by Petco to get some fish for my mom's pond, then went back to the hospital. Dad was just about done with his dialysis, but we still had to wait. Back in his room, his breakfast AND lunch were waiting since they'd taken him out of his room before breakfast and he missed lunch too. Mom and the nurse got him into the big chair there and Mom and I made sure he ate as much as he could. Meanwhile, it being a hospital, he got poked and prodded by all kinds of nurses and aides -- blood pressure, blood sugar, medicines, insulin shot, changing dressing on his bandage, finally going on the commode (at which point I said bye, kiss, and went into the hall). The worst bit was glancing in when they were moving Dad and seeing his nekkid but, which I totally did not want to see. Poor Dad is withered away to absolutely nothing, like I'm talking concetration camp survivor type look, with arms and legs like sticks, joints sticking out, etc. But he'll be out of the hospital very soon, and I know Mom will get him back in shake. She makes him get up and doesn't let him just lie in bed all day. So fingers crossed on all that.

Anyway, still have 40 minutes to take-off. I bet it'll be 1/2 hour before they board us. We're scheduled to land around 8:30, so I won't get home 'til 9:30 probably. Daniel wants me to exercise tonight but I am wiped out and it'll be late, so I may skip that "order."
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Bush and Co. Do It Again

I really think the corruption and abuse of power of the Bush administration is just going above and beyond anything ever seen!

Look at this article in the Boston Globe. I've said "I can't believe it" so many times before with regard to Bush & Co, but this one really flips me out!

Cheney aide is screening legislation

Key quote: The officials said Cheney's legal adviser and chief of staff, David Addington , is the Bush administration's leading architect of the ``signing statements" the president has appended to more than 750 laws. The statements assert the president's right to ignore the laws because they conflict with his interpretation of the Constitution.


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Again, I say, WTF?!
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Back Home

Well, here I am, home again. Luckie is fascinated with my suitcase, which I don't get since I didn't have it around any other animals or catnip. She's very into it though. Meanwhie she's excited to see me, flicking her tail back in forth in that "I'ma happpppy cat" kind of way. The other creatures are fine as well, and have been fed.

I think this week should be good. Caleb is going to be in Rhode Island tomorrow through like Sunday, at the annual Congrees for the New Urbanism conference, which means I will have uninterrupted time to work on some projects of mine, like the Healey web site, latest edition of Inception, and maybe, just maybe, starting up work on my Wraeththu novella again. I just got some feedback on the story from Storm and feel like I know what to do now. It'll be a lot of work, but enjoyable work I think.

What else is going on? Random tidbits...

- Neighbors in my building have asked me if I can do some dogsitting in a couple of weeks, for their super nice Golden Retriever, Harpua. I said sure. Their son will probably be at their apt. during the day working, so I'll only have to do morning and night duties. I can pretend I have a dog!

- I'm thinking about getting a pet for work. NOT any kind of warm-blooded mammal type thing, but something like a hermit crab, fish, little lizard, etc. I think herbit crab may win out, as I could take it out of its aquarium and let it wander around my desk. Which, IMO, would be awesome. And I can get the crab funky shells to live in. I don't see why my work would have any problem with that either.

- Mom gave me some stuff today. One thing was a blouse Oma got her at some shop in Lawrence 20+ years ago. Doesn't fit her anymore but she couldn't bear to get rid of it b/c her mother gave it to her - plus it always looked good on her, and therefore should look great on me too. It's basically just a white blouse with little purple diamonds on it, I think. The other thing she gave me is a rhinestone and gold bracelet, which she thought I'd have more use for.

- On my trip back Downtown from the airport, I came across 3 different guys who were rapping out loud.

Growing Kitty

Luckie is trying really hard to squish into this tiny box, like 8'x8'. She's just figured out she can't lie down and is perplexed, like "But I fit into this six months ago!" LOL. I can't fit into my prom dress, she can't fit into her box.