May 31st, 2006

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From today:

Anomaly #1
I was walking down Courtland St. this afternoon when I heard a policeman's whistle. I looked around for a cop or security person, figuring there was one around the corner directing traffic. But there wasn't. Then I noticed a bird on a telephone wire overhead, twittering away. Was this my "cop"? I walked on and waited to see if the bird would do it again. Yup! Bird has learned to copy, I'm guessing, the cops who direct traffic in/out of the SunTrust bank parking deck every morning and afternoon.

Anomaly #2
Speaking of SunTrust, shortly after the bird whistle thing, I looked up at the back of the SunTrust building and noticed that the big sign at the top is sending a rather iffy message: unTrust.
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Backing it up

Just ordered a 320 GB external harddrive. Under $200. Why didn't I do this before?

I had intended to use my old desktop as my backup but the whole Win2K/XP networking nightmare has prevented me from really connecting the suckers, except to move files from the desktop to laptop shared drive. This thing though... I can copy my entire laptop. And have, like... backups! Whoah!

It'll be here by Friday.
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Sweating to O'Reilly

I had a great work-out yesterday, including the usual crosstrainer and then my first time on this other amazing cross-trainer that kicked my ass, in a good way.

Only problem?

Both machines are located right by the TV that's tuned in to Fox News.

And it was during "O'Reilly."


The other day I was thinking of getting one of those portable XM Radio players w/headphones. Now I'm thinking, hmmm, definitely. Or I'll just bring in my CD walkman. I cannot DEAL with Fox News being on, no matter what level of endorphins I'm experiencing.