June 1st, 2006

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Sweet Dreamweaver

I feel like I worked on web sites all day.

Wait... I did!

At ARC I worked on the N. Georgia water district site and had a meeting on the Envision6 portion of the main web site.

Here at the home office, I finished up the design and set up the home page and subpage for my building's web site. Paid work, or it will be.

Then I spent a couple hours setting up a new section on the neighborhood association's web site. Did a good job, but oh, it's after midnight now!

Going to dream about Dreamweaver, I swear...
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New Nephew

Forgot to mention it until just now when I got an email from my brother, with the following attached:

Joseph Darling with his mom, my sister-in-law Cathy

Tom wrote a few days ago:

Joseph Thomson Darling was born on May 15 at 8:02pm. He was 9 pounds
and has measured at 19 or 23 inches, depending on who does the
measuring. He is healthy, sleeps a lot, eats a lot, and is quiet.

Like his brother Owen, Joseph was a home birth. I bet Cathy's mom was a lot better about it this time around, after pitching SUCH a fit with Owen. Everything went fine though, so this time she had the idea it WAS possible. Still, my sister Betty, who had two emergency C-sections, was all going on about how she couldn't believe little 5'4"ish Cathy managed it. I reminded her that our own grandmother, who was Cathy's size, had three 13-pound babies, all at home -- including my dad.


So I now have 8 nieces and nephews, and that's like going to be the final count, as there's been two from each of my siblings and except for Cathy, all the women are past age for having kids. So there are five boys (Ian, William, Sean, Owen, Joseph) and three girls (Ashley, Genevieve and Julianna). And I'm not contributing to the kid count... unless some day I get a goat :)
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Ganked from <lj user="versailles_rose>

Two Words

1. Yourself: feeling healthy
2. Your car: my what?
3. Your Hair: needs dye
4. Your mother: strong lady
5. Your father: very sick
6. Your Favorite Item: diamond pendant
7. Your Dream Last Night: very strange
8. Your Favorite Drink: fruit beer
9. Your Dream Home: old townhouse
10. The Room You Are In: home office
11. Your Pet: Luckie Darling
12. Your fear: going insane
13. Where You Want to be in Ten Years: not Atlanta
14. Who you hung out with last night: four pets
15. What You're Not: quiet person
16. Your Best Friend: Caleb Racicot
17. One of Your Wish list Items: lose fat
18. Your Gender: every gender
19. The Last Thing You Did: posted picture
20. What You Are Wearing: thick bathrobe
21. Your Favorite Weather?: freezing wind
22. Your Favorite Book: Storm's Wraeththu
23. The Last Thing You Ate: baby carrots
24. Your Life: happy busy
25. Your Mood: very content
26. The last person you talked to on the phone: Caleb Racicot
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Is it a drink or a dessert?

Since going on a diet in January / ammending my eating habits, I've been drinking even less than before, which is to say, not a lot. Like every couple of weeks maybe. Anyway, this has allowed me to stretch the bottle of this STUFF I got in Italy last July 'til tonight. Tonight I'm finishing it. And oh, is it having an effect! Num num numnumnumnumnum.

So, what IS it?

Erm, it's hard to say, since it's all in Italian, but I believe it's either whole black currants or blueberries (150 g of it!) in grappa. It's 60 proof and you, well, I... drink it in a small glass. Actually now that I'm at the bottom of it, and it's mainly just these berries that've been marinated in friggin' grappa for years, I'm eating it from a cocktail glass using a spoon. The little things dissolve in your mouth, like alcohol candy.

Have no been able to find info on it on the Web, but that could be because I'm drunk. At the top of the label it says "Mirtillo Del Chiostro" and then the banner (the maker?) says "Paolo Lazzaroni e Figli." Then in little type is has what it is: "Liquore a base di grappa e mirtilli." The bottle is shaped like a bell.

Unopened still is the plum wine I bought a few months back. Plum wine gets me wasted beyond belief, just like anything that's high proof and really sweet.

P.S. Two times... three times? I've gotten up to get my receipts off the kitchen counter so I can put them into Money, but each time I've poured out more of this stuff. To be more efficient, it's next to me now. But I've only had 2 little cups, don't worry.