June 6th, 2006

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Enjoying OCD Work

I'm in one of those moods where I really wish I could stay up all night and work on something, because I'm really into it. Nothing quite as absorbing as fixing a glow on a 600dpi you've done a matte effect on. It's cover artwork, for the second book in the Dream and a Lie trilogy, and just like the first one, I've got all this gothic tracery I've got to trace around, since it's another cathedral, this time the Duomo in Milan. First cover was Cologne Cathedral. The final book is going to have the Campanile Tower by the Duomo in Florence.

Alas, I am going to bed now, as I slept rotten last night and tomorrow is going to be a long day too.
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I Survived Today!

Today kinda sucked, but I survived it. Do I get a T-shirt?

Catalog of crap:

  1. Had trouble sleeping again, woke up at 7, only to fall asleep... and oversleep 'til 8:20. Since I go to work at 8:30, I basically threw on my clothes, took meds, got breakfast across the street... and still arrived 1/2 hour late. Because I am just not that quick, especially not after a really weird dream. Collapse )
  2. Spent morning getting hit with one phone after another from web team members needing help making site edits. One of them had completely screwed up a page and I had to go fix. I grumbled so much, my coworker Matt was like, "Are you OK?"
  3. Had a LOOOOOOOOONNNNG dentist appt. -- arrived at 2, didn't get to leave 'til 5:15. Not only was it a 3-hour appt., but I got 2 filings replaced and a new crown. The good part: Dr. Michaels has an audio/video/PC system and offered me a choice of movies... so I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire -- the whole thing. Too bad there weren't any extras b/c I had time for those. Oh... and another suck thing is that I had to pay out $800, since they're not sure my insurance is covering the crown.
  4. Went to T-Mobile and got a lovely new phone, the PEBL, in green, replacing my 4-year-old phone. I love it... but my T-Zone access is down, and T-Mobile's web site provides zero help on this.
  5. Got home just in time to go to neighborhood festival meeting "debrief," which ran 6:30-8:45. It did include some food, but still... a meeting?
  6. Caleb called me at meeting saying I had to proof a document for the Jonesboro Rd. study by 9 tomorrow. So I got home at 9 and worked on that 'til like 11. It's in the contract I have with them, but gah, I had no notice. And I have stuff to do, you know?

Good things today:

  1. Barry at my work presented a really nice design for the AgeWise Connection site.
  2. Discovered a yummy cranberry smoothie at Smoothie King.
  3. Got a really cool mobile phone w/camera, video, speakerphone, IM, etc.
  4. Ate more of the delicious split pea soup I made last night.
  5. Luckie was really sweet.