June 8th, 2006

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The gay marriage thing

I am way too tired to go on about this, but on positive note, here's evidence that not all Republicans are dickheads:

From the official web site of the Mayor's Office of the City of New York:

This is a transcript of his official radio address, from May 28.

My fav quote:
I do not believe that government should be in the business of telling us who we can and can't marry. As Mayor, I have an obligation to enforce the laws of the City and State, but I also have an equal obligation to work to change laws that I do not believe are in our City's best interest. As Pride Month approaches, it's time to recommit ourselves to achieving a fully inclusive society-one I believe should respect the rights of everyone to marry and raise families, legally, securely, and in peace.

Say whatever you want about Bloomberg, on this issue, that is pretty damn cool.
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I am going to bed now, but just to get rid of random crap, and make it easier for me to sleep, let me say:

- New phone has a couple of annoying features, but overall very cool.

- I still find some of the scenes in the extended version of LotR: RotK annoying and better left out.

- Aragorn coaxes out heterosexual feelings in me -- he's manly but, um, sensitive.

- I made really good split pea soup from a dried soup mix base. Took 2 hours to cook but hey, good stuff.

- My legs are getting really buff from all the exercise.

- Luckie continues to be fixated on me. Don't know if that's healthy, but whatever.

- Summer is rapidly settling in here... and I hate it. My least favorite season by far :(


Today at work I walked over to tell Geoff something and Matt, Barry and Chris were at his desk talking. I tried to convey my message and Matt was like "Hey, this is a gay employees meeting you're interrupting." I said, "Well, I'm not interrupting then, I'm GAY." Don't think I said it loud enough, but I think at least Matt got it, because he laughed.
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New Covert Art!

Well, not only did I have some leisure time tonight (like, OMG!) but I got something done -- artwork for the cover of the second book in A Dream and a Lie, the dark fantasy trilogy I'm the editor of.

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The fonts on the mock-up are total approximations since I don't have the exact fonts used on Book One's cover, as that work was done by the graphics production person at IP, which will be the case this time as well.

My contribution is the dig manip art. Not that there's much manip here; it's a picture I took last summer in Milan, background masked (a lot of fussy work on that damn tracery), levels and contrast adjusted, then the stone color tinted bluish purple.

The final book is going to feature a picture of the famous campanile tower in Florence. I took it on my last trip knowing what I'd be using it for -- it was just sooooo the tower I wanted to show.

So I guess fans of Gothic archicture will be able to identify all three buildings on the covers perhaps?
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More Randomsity

I am REALLY going to bed before midnight tonight. But still, more randomosity I want to throw out there:

  • Hottest character in LotR movies? Those soldiers who almost catch Sam & Frodo at the Black Gate. True, all you can see in their eyes, but hey, guys with dark eyes done up with mascara... 'nuf said.

  • Favorite "creature" in the LotR trilogy? The Ents, hands down. Even though I have to turn on the subtitles to understand Treebeard, I love the whole concept of talking, walking trees (or treeherders, to be correct). The artistry and effects on that are amazing as well.

  • My temporary crown isn't hurting me too much. It seems to ache a couple times a day, not all the time. I have three weeks with it.

  • Luckie has graduated to CAT food, as opposed to kitten food. Yes, folks, the kitty is now approximately a year old. (I have to appoximate because I found her Aug. 11 and was told by a vet she was 10 weeks old.)

  • Today at work, despite being so sleep deprived I nearly fell asleep at my desk several times, I managed to accomplish a technical feat that boggles me. My boss has tasked me with learning the trick of getting a text side nav and JS drop-down menu to talk to one another and populate dynamically, in RedDot. It requires a hell of a lot of coding and set up and fiddling, but I've got it. In total there are like four bits of HTML, 2 CSS files, 2 JS files, and a whole bunch of other junk that makes it happen.

  • I want to go to Storm this October, around her birthday. I should have just enough vacation time acrued that if I leave on a Friday I can stay a week. Trouble is, Caleb wants me to go other places, like Montreal or Germany. But I only have so much vacation time. I really want and need to see Storm (and want more Marmite crisps), though, so I'm likely to be stubborn.

  • I'm having a "soiree" / dinner part for my coworkers next week, and besides all my usual appetizers (Italian pestos, cookies, olives, crackers, cheese, etc.), I'm planning some hot dinner type food. I'm thinking of doing both a vegetarian something and a meat offering. I really want an excuse to make rouladen, even if that IS rolled up roast beef stuffed with bacon, pickles and onion. For the vegie dish, I think I'll do some kind of stuffed cabbage. For drinks so far I've got Riesling and a 6-pack of Woodchuck cider, so along with some soda, I think I'll be covered.