June 9th, 2006

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Feeling a bit better

Despite the fact that last night I once AGAIN had horrible trouble getting to bed, let alone sleeping, I did slightly better and today felt fairly refreshed and not nearly as dangerously tired as earlier this week. By "dangerously tired," I mean that had I been driving instead of sitting at my computer, I would have totalled my car, I was that messed up! At work I was able to stay pretty focused and afterwards went to the gym and had a great workout. Now I don't feel tired at all really. I hope I can just SLEEEEEEEEEEEP tonight, like solidly, no interruptions, no restless legs, so hot/cold, no crazy cat action. And I want to sleep late if I can. Not super duper late, but past 8 at least.
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From thefridayfive - Vacations

The Friday Five

1. What is (or would be) your dream vacation?
Having actually HAD a few dream vacations, I really can't say, but I guess maybe to be ambitious, visiting the 10 biggest cities in Europe over the course of like 2 months. That'd be awesome.

2. What's one thing no vacation can do without?
Places to go shopping, especially grocery shopping. Grocery stores are so cool and show so much about a place, culture, etc.

Another thing? A transit or train system to ride. I love trying out all the different systems. The city that impressed me most with its subway is Munich. And the best trains are in Germany too.

3. What has been the best trip of your life so far?
I've had soooooooo many great trips, by myself and with Caleb, but for some reason I think the first trip I took to Germany with Caleb (as opposed to alone), back in I think September 2002, was the best. It was for 2 weeks and we just had so much fun, ate wonderful food, went places with Marja & Ellie, rode the trains, went to Trier, I got my first pairs of "fashion tights" -- it was just fab. I have had so many wonderful trips to Europe and places in the U.S. and Canada too though. I love traveling so much.

4. Who was with you on that trip and what is the role of that person in your life?
Caleb. Role in my life? LOL. What a question. Pseudo-spouse?

5. What's the worst thing that can happen during a vacation?
Lose your wallet.
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Where have all the black jeans gone?

I've been having a huge "WTF?" about the fact that for months, maybe years, I have not been able to spot any black jeans for sale. Where ARE they?! I like wearing jeans, but not blue ones. I'll do black OR "novelty" colors, if/when I can ever find them... which is unlikely given that everywhere I go, jeans are either blue or some variation of acid wash. I want BLACK. Gray, green, red, turquoise, etc., are cool, too. I KNOW there must be black jeans out there.

Anyone know where I could look for some black jeans, men's, waist 38 with a 36 inseam? (Yes, I have a weird size, but there you go.) I guess since people are reading this and living all over, I'll take chain store / brand suggestions, but general suggestions are fine. Also, someplace online would be good to at least look at. I just checked eBay but there are only 2 pairs listed in my size.

Ideally, I'd like to fit into the several pairs of 36'x36' black jeans I already have, but even with the working out, that'll be some time and I grow impatient. And I worry they're the last black jeans left in the world :(
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Bloody Dye Job

OK, so I decided to dye my hair with this dye pack I just got, Feria Ultra Red or something like that. Hair dyeing is a totally routine thing for me, as I do it about every 2 months. Well, not this time. And why? Because this dye is just FREAKY. Started out OK -- big bottle, dump in a bottle of this other stuff. Then you add this "aromatic ampule" for better smell, and then you put in a little tube of "Color Booster." This stuff was, I swear, theatrical blood. In the directions, it says in bold to BE VERY CAREFUL with it, and so it should, since it's like red ink. Gah! The freaky thing is, after I mixed it up with the other stuff, it didn't really get thick the way dye mixes normally do. It just stayed pretty wet.

I put it on my head anyway. The result was not pretty:


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I've got about 10 minutes before I rinse. I've put a plastic shower cap on over it, because it's so drippy. Some has gone down the back of my "dyeing" t-shirt. It'll be a while before all the strange Kool-aid-like stains wash off my skin. I will report later on how the actual haircolor comes out!

EDIT: Well, my hair is red. Not really the copper red I usually do, but more like a blood red. That so figures. I'm sure it will tone down in a few days.