June 10th, 2006

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Vulgar displays

I am so glad those close-ups of al-Zarqawi dead are off the CNN home page.

Interesting how it's apparently OK to show the enemy dead, but not U.S. soldiers, not even in coffins.

And no, I'm not saying I like al-Zarqawi or something, just... showing close-ups of him dead just seemed in really, really poor taste.

EDIT: CNN has the picture back up featured on the home page. If El Jahzeer's web site kept showing a picture of one of our generals with his head half blown off, we'd never hear the end of it -- they were "gloating," it's unspeakably cruel to the family, etc. Again, not that I'm defending the man, just talking about general code of decency.

Miles to go

Just applied for a British Airways Visa. I've stupidly kept a no-rewards CitiBank card for 5-6 years. I could have earned soooooooooo many miles if I hadn't just been lazy. But now with the BA card, I'm getting a ton of miles straight off the bat, discounts on flights, and when I transfer the balance from my old card, even more miles. Heck, I just read that using the card automatically saves you a couple hundred on flights to London, which is where I always fly to anyway, so... cool! Caleb has a Lufthansa Visa, which is cool b/c he prefers Germany over the UK. I love Germany but seeing how expensive everything is once you get to the UK, I'd like to save money on those trips somehow.
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Dad Update - Very Good News

I called home today and got confirmation on some good news Mom sent out Wednesday -- Dad is finally HOME!

Yes, he was finally released from the horrid hospital and, of course, he's immediately doing better. Mom has the dining room downstairs set up as his bedroom, and from there he is actually getting up on his own, walking to the bathroom, living room, and sitting at the kitchen table like a normal person, after a couple months eating in a hospital bed. The hardest thing is having to go out three days a week for dialysis treatments, which are 3+ hours each, but as he gets stronger it won't be so bad to make it out to the car.

Meanwhile caregiving is coming from Mom and a physical therapist who comes 2-3 times a week. Mom manages Dad's medications and changes the bandage on his back, where the chest tube was, three times a day, plus taking care of meals and everything else, since Dad is still too weak to do more than sit and watch TV, read, talk, etc. The therapist has Dad do exercise for his legs, makes him walk about, monitors his general strength, like in his hands.

Talked to Dad as well as Mom and they both sounded very positive. Dad's voice sounded alive and awake in a way it rarely has over the past two months, because he's back in a normal setting getting normal amounts of sleep, not being poked, more stimulation to his brain, etc. I hope and pray that he'll make it back to normal health, at least for somebody his age and with his basic medical issues, and that this time he doesn't get kicked back to Square One.