June 13th, 2006

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Nomi Videos

Well, after raving about The Nomi Song and Klaus Nomi for months, found a bunch of videos on YouTube so I can SHOW Klaus. Has to be seen and heard to be believed really.


Lightning Strikes -- one of his actual music vids

Performance of "After the Fall"

The Cold Song (an actual opera bit... last performances on video)

"The Nomi Song" (music vid, bad quality but still awesome)

"Simple Man" (early 80s music vid, hilarious)

"Keys of Life": Nomi Tribute w/lots of video clips

Those who know me... tell me, is there any question why I love this? It's bizarre German New Wave gay opera camp!!!!!

Been a while: Luckie the Cat Update

Sometimes Luckie acts like a dog or at least, exhibits behaviors that are in the dog end of the dog-cat spectrum:

...Loves it when I wing her Pounce treats across the living room floor, just like a dog chasing a ball. Only she doesn't bring them back, she runs, pounces, and eats them up in one gulp.

...Loves chasing balls.

...Loves playing fetch with her toy octopus.

...Loves wrestling stuffed animals, especially the stuffed tiger.

...Drinks out the toilet sometimes, even when she has water in her bowl.

She used to go out on the leash with me but once she got out of the true kitten phase, she seemed to develop a terror of leaving the apartment. She'll play in the hall perhaps, but she's very anxious if the door is shut, and the minute I take her near the elevators the claws are bared.

At the other end of the spectrum, Luckie is SUCH a cat. And such a diva.

...When I come home for lunch or at the end of the day, 9/10 time she is spread out right in the middle of the big velvet couch. Of course.

...If she's not on the couch she's on "her" pillow on my bed.

...Has those fits of activities where she'll suddenly start bolting all over the place, on top of furniture, under things, at high speed, for no reason.

...Continues to watch a lot of "Cat TV," i.e. the bird.

...Tends to jump in the sink every time I go in either the main or guest bathroom.

...Scared by the toilet flush, but really wants to know what's going on in the toilet bowl.

...Continues to wake me up and put me to sleep.

...Chases the miller moths, tries to kill ladybugs and other creatures on the outside of the window glass.

Finally, the other night, I was watching a documentary on wolves, and during this one big section of wolf pups, Luckie was there staring at the screen, ears perked, like, "OMG, wolf babies!" She wasn't scared exactly, but more like very, very interested in their sounds and movements. The only other animal on TV she's reacted to that strongly was sone baby camels.

P.S. Naturally Luckie had to jump on me a few times while I was typing this. Good thing she's little or I'd never get any work done. I know when Storm's cats, like Pashtarina, decide to get on your lap, you can't really work, they're like cows.