June 15th, 2006

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Random But Connected

Two incidents:

1) Went by Taco Bell after my workout to get a 7 Layer. The guy in front of me was asked if he was a GSU student, said yeah, showed ID, and got the 10% discount. I came up and the cashier is like, "GSU, too, right?" I laughed and said thanks, no, I've been out of college about 10 years. She was like, "Really? I would never guess that." Awwwwww, sweet huh? (I actually get asked a lot if I'm a student, since most eateries around here offer 5-10% off.) On the other hand, damn, 10 years ago I was probably enjoying my last week at UMass, before heading off the NYC for the summer and then going down to Georgia. I guess I don't look too much the worse for wear though, except for the poundage I've put on.

2) While cooking tonight, my head got slammed with one of those stupid, random thoughts: What was the origin of 2 Unlimited's name? I started putting together a "Behind the Music" type of segment about it. Proof that thought it was more than a decade ago, some things about the early 90s are still lodged in my brain. I remember the mega EuroHouse dances the international students' club would put on at UMass and how one time I swear 50 percent of the music was 2 Unlimited. Predictable as it was, man, it was fun to dance to, very robotic. God, and I even remember Caleb had one of their CDs and when he put it in his PC, it had videos on it that were sooooo funny in a 90s way. I recall something about everything being white and futuristic.
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Partied and drunken

Party went well, despite only 5 people (1 being a co-worker's roommmate) being able to come. Like 3-4 people were out of town and two were sick today. Went very well though! They ate a LOT of the food and sure drank a lot. Which, yeah, well...

Meanwhile I had like 8 drinks. Which is waaaaaaaaaay over my limited. Fortunately I didn't have any drinks that really make me sh*tfaced (e.g. plum wine, chocolate martinis, mulled wine) so I'm doing better with it than I might be otherwise. But let's see, I had 2 glasses of wine, a little mixed drink Geoff made me, then another something like that, then 2 ciders. I thik that's 8? Well, anyway, screw math at the moment.