June 17th, 2006


Up Late, Catching Up

It's 1 a.m. and I'm up, waiting for the aspirin to kick in and stop the pain in my teeth. Good thing I've got a dentist appt. for Monday morning, because these toothaches, once or twice a day, are starting to get to me. Now it's not just the teeth that were worked on last week, but ones on the other side. I think I cut my gums flossing out the beef from the rouladen last night; either that or I dislodged a filling. Gah. Aspirin and Orajel are my friends.

Meanwhile, I'm near the end of my quest to watch the whole LotR trilogy with the cast commentary. What's funny is I just watched the thing (again, for the know-idea-how-manyith-time), starting at the third film and moving forward, and now I'm going forward again. I'm thinking of going backward again and listening to the Design Team commentary. Because really, you can't watch those movies (or movie) too many times. Impossible.

There are plenty of things I could say about LotR after now watching it all so many times, but right now, my only comment is that I still want to hook up with Pippin.

This week at work was a bit frustrating and boring. In order to go forward with either of the web site build-outs I have, I have to figure out how to do this fancy dynamic menu in RedDot, and I was puzzling that out for a bit, then trying to get help from RedDot. So far they haven't got me any help. Add to that my boss really was too busy to give me much direction on anything else, so I kind of had to go and find work for myself, doing research into podcasts, online meeting solutions, online slideshows. It reminded me of being at GTRI, where I always had shitloads of "down time" where I'd be investigating stuff but not actively "doing" anything. So far there hasn't been much of that at this job because Jennifer just makes sure the work keeps coming. This afternoon I wrote a direct email to a person at RedDot that Jennifer said could help, bipassing the regular support service, so hopefully he does get back to me. I want to sink my teeth into work!

It's been over a month and the work outs have become a regular fixutre in my life. I haven't skipped any sessions, but pretty much go every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, plus either Saturday or Sunday. I wind up doing 7-10 hours a week! Every workout I do is one where I burn like 600 calories and sweat up my fitted tanktap to the point I have to put it in a plastic bag in my gym bag, it's so nasty. Really doing well with all the various exercises, from the stairmaster to the striding machine to the weights. Today I took a step up and went from 5 lb. to 7 lb. hand weights, which sounds pathetic but is somewhat of an achievement. People who don't know me well seem to think that because I'm big and "Nordic" looking, I have warrior woman muscle all over, but it isn't so. My legs are like tree trunks, but my arms don't have much to them. Oh well.

As far as weight goes, I've actually gained a few pounds since I started. It's frustrating, but I think it actually it's muscle weight. My legs are visibly a lot more toned and so are my arms. I don't seem to be getting any fatter, so the pounds must be somewhere. I mentioned this to one of the trainers there today, the one who did my fitness assessment, and he said he was sure I'd simply gained muscle. Don't know when my weight will actually start to go down.

Going to take the piggies to the vet tomorrow for their annual check-up. YinYang is actually still going bald various places, so I guess that treatment she had for ovarian cysts or whatever didn't work. She's seemed a bit off lately so I do worry some that she's gotten worse. She still stuffs her face and runs around, but she just doesn't seem entirely healthy somehow. Anyway, that'll be an adventure as usual, hauling them across the city on MARTA. I'm leaving early around 9 or 9:30 just so I can go out in the coolest part of the day. I know I'll end up roasting out at the bus stop afterward. I have to do a few things to keep the piggies cool too.

Hmm, tooth is feeling almost better now. I think I can attempt to go to sleep now. Legs are restless but not horribly so. I hope I can sleep!

My thoughtful cat

Luckie has added another trick to her arsenal as far as getting me out of bed. Not only does she meow, headbutt me, purr in my ear... now she pulls off my blankets. The past two days, I've woken to find her off to one side pulling (in that "digging" way cats have) on the side so that it's dragging up the other side. So far she hasn't managed to get them all the way off, but nonetheless it's impressive. I mean, she's obviously figured out that awake=covers off, but the fact that this little kitty can actually drag the blankets... LOL.