June 18th, 2006

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More on Podcasting

Man, I'm loving the old time radio podcast I've found! So far I've listened to two episode of "You Bet Your Life," a 30-minute radio drama starring Ginger Rogers as Kitty Coyle, and just now back-to-back episodes of Jack Benny. This is incredible! I can listen to a different show every night, while I work or whatever. So awesome!

The only other podcast I've really listened to, although I subscribed to several, is a goth one I found. It's not bad, although I find it distracting as the show I downloaded has all these sound samples of historic recordings of a Nazi rally speech, plus a few bits of obnoxious German goth rock. But hey, when I'm done, I can just press the "Clean" button in iMusic and delete the file.
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I've slept 14 hours today. I figure I must need it. NOW I'm awake, but I swear, I think I could nod off again.

Friday afternoon I was sure I was coming down with something and Caleb actually is sick, so I wonder if sleeping is my body's way of fighting off whatever it is. I've been so sleep deprived lately if I don't sleep sometime something is going to knock me on my ass.

Hope all this sleeping helps!
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In dreams, I live in a barracks

Why do I keep having dreams about collective housing?

I keep having dreams with the theme of everybody losing their regular housing and having to live in these huge dorm set-ups for extended periods of time. Last night's dorm was kind of cool because I think it was a converted Baroque palace. Nevertheless, the rooms had the feel of a run-down dorm or hostel. At least I had my own private bathroom, although I distinctly remember it was done in that gross 70s green tile just like my parents' upstairs bathroom.
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Temporary Dog

Went out around 10:15 and walked my neighbors' golden retriever, Harpua. They're out this week and although their son is taking care of her Monday-Thursday and I'm doing it Friday-Sunday, they were leaving tonight and so somebody had to do that last-walk-before-bed walk.

Harpua is super sweet and was really easy to deal with, although it was apparent to me exactly what route Whitney and Craig usually walk her; every time I went off the path, she'd stop dead in her tracks like, "Um, excuse me, where you think YOU'RE going?" But of course I just tugged, called her over and got her going my way. Took her not just to Woodruff Park but also to Centennial, where she could run around after I let out the lead. She rolled and rolled around on the grass.

I got back around 11 and took her back to her apartment on the 13th floor. I found a tennis ball (I knew there had to be one) and played fetch with her for a while. She's a lot like my dog Taffy in personality. I tried teaching her this trick with the ball but so far, after 6-7 tries, she hasn't gotten it. I'll try again later this week and see if I can show Craig and Whitney I taught her something ;)