June 19th, 2006

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When you need the money fast...

You know you kind of live in the ghetto, or at least a place where there are lots of people without bank accounts, when you run a search on Western Union's web site and there are 4 locations within 2 blocks of home. The first one, Yahoo Maps estimates, is 1 minute away. Actually it's more than that since I have to take the elevator down and walk there, but still.

Oh, and BTW, got to cash a payment for picture book order. I prefer U.S. Postal Money Orders, since I can just cash them when I mail the items, but heck, not like it's hard to find a checks cashed place. Actually there are more than 4, since there are a few that aren't Western Union, like, um, Eastern Union. About as easy to find as a pawn shop, a wig shop, barbershop, or a fried chicken joint. Usually only wig shops interest me though.
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Today on the walk home from the gym, I pulled out my nifty new camera phone and snapped a couple of pictures. I was surprisingly pleased with what I saw in the viewfinder!

I like this one so much it's my new default icon!

It took me a while to figure out why I like this so much and finally I figured out it's the fact that my face actually shows that I've lost weight. I knew I had gained too much weight when my face started to get round and I had lost the angles. My face always used to be pretty "pointy." I think I also like the fact I look androgynous. I used to look super androgynous, but I'd kind of lost that.

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That's NOT sweat in my hair, I had a shower. But the flush is definitely exercise. I turn red and stay that way for hours.

Oh, and BTW, that's my new haircolor, the one that looked like BLOOD when I was doing the dye job. It's less intense now than it was.

On a related note, today I didn't just do little barbell weights, I used a machine. I actually have biceps and shoulders now! I think the main effect of this is my chest sticks out even more. LOL.