June 21st, 2006

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Good Wendy / Bad Wendy

I've got a tendency to go on about myself, being really vain, but then I am also really self-deprecating, offering up dirt on myself I could easily hide.

In that vein:

Got a pedicure today, first professional one in my life, and it's like I have new feet. I even got my toenails painted, which I hadn't even thought about, but the nail tech was like, "It's the first day of Summer, go for it!" Naturally they are bright red. My first choice was black but she either ignored me or they didn't have that color; I think it was the latter. Anyway, it took a full hour, as my feet (in constant use) are pretty nasty and there were about a dozen things that had to be done. This included painting the soles of my feel with this caustic "callous eliminator" stuff three times, soaking them, going over them with multiple types of pumice stones and emery boards, massaging them with massage oil, etc. I really like the feeling of the pumice stone. Didn't like much to do with my nails but that's because I'm so ticklish. I was glad when she threaded cotton through my toes to do the painting because it kept me from wiggling and wrecking the job. My feet are now the prettiest I can remember them ever being!

I may take care of myself, but, er, not always the housework. I just now washed the china piled up in the sink from my party last Thursday. I've done 2-3 disherwasher loads of dishes, but the china has to be handwashed and for some reason -- OK, because I am lazy and procrastinate and am addicted to LotR commentary tracks lately -- I put it off for days. It was totally nasty, although I didn't spot any mold, surprisingly. In the end I had such a pile of dishes I didn't have room to put out any of the dirty pots (not from the party) waiting, so I had to pile the pots in the sink to soak. I hope tomorrow I will be good and wash them during my lunch hour.