June 22nd, 2006

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OK, a few things:

  • Am now about 75% complete with my mission to watch LotR extended edition with all of the commentary tracks. This mission was launched when I watched the whole thing, for some reason, last to first, three weeks ago. Then I watched it first-to-last with the Cast commentary. Then I went backwards and listened to the Design commentary. Now I'm halfway forward doing it with the Director & Writers commentary. Finally I will do it backwards again with the Post-production commentary. Sound compulsive? It's pretty much the same thing I've done with all the books I like, reading them backwards and forwards over and over again, both over time and sometimes just kind of over and over. I will say: Man, I think I have seen that movie now. I may do a post compiling some thoughts I have on it, eventually. Like for example, I still think Gimli has the stupidest dialog in the whole movie.

  • It's f'in hot here, and unrelentingly so. Today it was 95 or so and there were heat warnings from the weather service, like "Don't go out unless you have a death wish." Ugh. After work I went out grocery shopping and all was fine until I took MARTA, the subway, back downtown. It was SOOOOOO hot on the car I was in -- combo of AC not working, car packed with people, and it being freakin' hot out. I was also carrying like 30 lbs. of groceries or something, while standing up and holding on to the roof of the car. When I got off the train at Peachtree Center I was literally dripping sweat all over, like I had gone swimming. Freakin' inferno! When I got to the surface, it felt like it was 70 out, it was that much cooler.

  • YinYang and Abbie have had some special treats lately: corn husks and banana peels. I find it a little weird that they LOVE eating things that humans pretty much fine inedible, but they seem to love it. Corn is actually nothing but HUGE grass and they love grass, so that kind of makes sense, but banana peels? What's up with that?

  • Fevzy, the Turkish guy who runs the Turkish/Mediterranean restaurant downstairs and is always after me (hitting on me in German), told me yesterday that his 18-year-old younger brother is a professional soccer player and is the goalkeeper for Turkey, playing in the World Cup yesterday. I think he was pulling my leg, because how likely is that? If I had more time I would figure out if Turkey is still (was ever?) in the thing.

  • Got some Immanion Press sales this week, after a few slow weeks. For those who don't know, I am basically now the U.S. distributor for IP fiction books, at least ones sold via IP's web site. When Storm's next book comes out, I'm sure to be handling a whole huge rush of orders but right now it's more dribs and drabs. This week I had 3 sales for the 3-in-1 Wraeththu Chronicles omnibus, yay!
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The Dummkopf

Somebody should build a web site, database-powered, called Insanely Stupid Pictures of George W. Bush. There are probably a million pictures you could put in there. I mean, seriously, every single picture I see online is just awful, because even if it's a "good" picture, Dubya just looks like a monkey.

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