June 23rd, 2006

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Staying cool, at our cost

Well, this is timely!

Air Conditioning: Our Cross to Bear
Those air conditioners that keep things cool and comfortable inside are helping make the outside world even nastier.

Let me add a tip: If you want to be environmentally friendly and screw air conditioning, don't live in the South.

On a related note, it's been noted that for the most part, the South didn't start to boom until, you guessed it, air conditioning. Because I'm sorry, without that, nobody is going to get squat done, all they're going to do is sit out on the porch fanning themselves and drinking sweet tea. It's all you CAN do!

Back to the article, I guess this is just another reason I should keep my goal of getting the hell out of here and someplace with a climate I can stand. COLD is fine with me -- you can just put on more clothes. But heat? Ugh. No matter what, it sucks. So my plans of moving to Chicago, Albany, Vermont, England, or some other nice cool Northern place is just right.

Finally, for the curious, YES, my AC (central air) is on. After 5 years in this unit, I've pretty much conceded that at least as long as I have pets, I have to keep the AC on even when I'm not home. Because otherwise, even with the shades pulled down, it gets up to 90-100 degrees in here, due to the huge, completely insulated windows. That kind of heat is pretty much sure to kill my bird and guinea pigs aren't suited for temps over 80 either. And the cat would hate me, although Luckie can at least go in the bathroom or hide in the dark somewhere. The first couple of years I lived here, we had air system issues and it was like living in a broiler. Ugh. Meanwhile I have tried turning it off at night, thinking it would be OK, and have discovered that I can't sleep all night, because I'm too freakin' hot.

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I'm so excited -- I get a dog for the weekend! I will be dogsitting Harpua Friday night through Sunday night. Get to feed her, give her medicine and take her out like 4 times a day. Which is fine, I love dogs and especially ones like her. Sunday is Pride and I think I will take her with me to watch the parade. I always watch from the very start of it, at the southern end by Civic Center, so I can just walk with her, assuming it's not too hot (er, which it might be). If she does go with me, I'll bring water and maybe a big shade umbrella. I hope she gets some beads I can put on her. Also, hopefully her owners won't blame me for turning her gay.
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Voice Post: More Yankee Whining

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“Apologies to anybody who found my post yesterday about weather and AC pompous, annoying or whiny. Southerners whine about the winter, I whine about the summer. Brazilians meanwhile find the South is too cold, except at times like these, when it's hot as hell. Also? Today was a red alert smog day. I need to keep my sights on getting the hell out of here, to someplace with summers I can tolerate.”

Transcribed by: wiebke