June 24th, 2006

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Two from today:

1) Walking home from the gym today, I spotted a clump of feathers on a sidewalk grate by the old AT&T building. I thought at first it was a little dead bird. When I got up to it, I saw it was a pigeon head. Just the head -- no body anywhere to be seen. There are several possibilities for how this happened, including ones involving downtown's resident perigrine falcons, but who KNOWS!

2) Around 11 p.m. I was making one last pass through Woodruff Park with Harpua when this rather typical crazy street guy ambled over towards me singing his own messed up, drunken version of the theme from "The Brady Bunch." I know this isn't quite an "anomaly" since it's pretty regular for crazy, random stuff to come out of the mouths of these street characters... but "The Brady Bunch"?!
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Goodbye, Aaron

Aaron Spelling is dead. (NY Times story here.)

Thank you, Mr. Spelling, for two of my guilty-pleasure favorites, Love Boat and Fantasy Island. I would only go on a cruise if the full, orignal Love Boat cast, including Vicki, were really there, and I could cameo with fading stars. And Fantasy Island made my grandmother so happy, chiefly because Ricardo Montalban was a hot old man.

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Took Harpua out for a walk, which went great, and then just before bringing her back home, I took her by my place... as an experiment.

I wanted to see what Luckie would do.

So I bring the dog in and look around. Don't see the cat. I figure she's run off to the next room to hide. We step further in and then I hear this loud hiss. OK, where is she? She hisses again and I see her standing behind the kitchen island. Harpua is oblivious. I move forward and Luckie comes over, arching her back and hissing. Harpua still doesn't notice. Luckie does it twice more and dog is just happy-go-lucky, oblivious... and then she looks and goes "Oh, right... I say GRRRRRRRRR here!" And growls a bit. Such a golden retriever!

We left then.