June 25th, 2006

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D'oh! on LotR

So I just finished watching the whole LotR extended edition for the FOURTH time this month, this time with the director & writers' commentary, and listening to them talking I only JUST realized that Frodo dies.

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan, why I am so stupidly, naively optimistic sometimes?

I've only seen RotK like 10 times now, and I JUST realized?

Mind you, I've never read the books so maybe it's forgiveable, but I pretty much took the whole Gray Havens bit as something where due to their travails and heroism, Bilbo and Frodo had basically earned a free trip to Paradise, like the jackpot of Price is Right or something. They were worn out and couldn't stay in Middle Earth anymore, but they weren't dying, they were going on holiday, where they'd be getting lots of massages, endless bottles of mead, and mud masks to treat the circles under their eyes.

But it's actually death? What a bummer! I mean, not really, it's a whole symbolic death where they're dying but it's not a bad thing, but I still didn't quite think he was really dying, just that he couldn't cope with Middle Earth anymore and needed a spa treatment.

EDIT: OK, well, I was going on what Peter Jackson et al. were saying about it being death. This is what Wikipedia says on the matter:

Two years after the Ring was destroyed, Frodo as the Ring-bearer and Bilbo as the Ring-finder were given the right to travel to Tol Eressëa where, though remaining mortal, they might be healed and find peace, together with Gandalf, Elrond and Galadriel, the Keepers of the Three. They boarded a ship from the Grey Havens and passed over the sea on 29 September, T.A. 3021. Having no children of his own, Frodo left his estate and passed on the Red Book to Sam, who, according to Hobbit legend, followed Frodo across the sea sixty one years later, following the death of his wife Rose (nee) Cotton.

So... they DO go for spa treatment? :)


I'm the same person that didn't realize for quite a few years that Armand dies (OK... seems to...) in Memnoch the Devil. I know Anne Rice is quite clear that he goes up in burst of flames and smoke, but I thought it was just a special effect. Yeah, an effect. In a book. Hmmm.
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10 Simple Pleasures

Name ten of life's simple pleasures that you like most, and then pick ten people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used.

In no particular order:

  1. Sleeping in, peaceful and guiltless, knowing there is no reason I have to be up.

  2. Hearing the vibrations from Luckie's purr as it passes from her pillow, through the mattress, to my pillow.

  3. Sitting in a really hot, really wet steam room.

  4. Reading something lyrical and beautiful, like Renault's The Last of the Wine or Storm's Thorn Boy.

  5. Watching tiny sparrows flit around outside, doing ambitious things like battling giant moths or carryng off whole crackers.

  6. Standing alone at night with nobody else around, especially out in the woods, but pretty much anywhere.

  7. Enjoying a good, hearty soup or stew. Especially a nice salty one.

  8. Waking up with perfect hair, from having a shower before bed. (And then showering with a shower cap on to preserve the look.)

  9. Putting together an outfit in five minutes and looking at it in the mirror, thinking I look like a movie star. (Yeah, in my mind anyway.)

  10. Playing around outside in a garden or park in the rain. (I did that tonight, with the dog I'm dogsitting.)

I'm not tagging anybody, just encouraging others to participate. Reflection on the positive is a good thing!
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