June 26th, 2006

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Busy Fun Weekend

Even though I never did make it up to Midtown for any part of Pride, my weekend was pretty awesome:

1) Doggy!
Dogsat the wonderful doggy Harpua, meaning I took her out a total of 8 times, including a long outing to the Pride parade (see below). She is so damn sweet and the closest thing to my dog Taffy I have ever found. Daniel and Caleb both actually liked her, and neither of tem are "dog people." And all the kiddies at Centennial Park yesterday loved her. Her owners called around 10 tonight saying they're home. They're agree to "pay" me with some wine, which is fine, since I always feel weird taking money from friends and neighbors for a favor like this. A gift like wine is more like it.

2) Amanda
Spent a nice half a day with Amanda, who came down here on MARTA and hung out. She came over, played with the animals here, had coffee, went walking the dog with me, and then we had a nice dinner at Ted's over on Luckie Street. Had a very long talk, going over stuff that can't really be discussed while shopping, bit too serious. She came back over here afterward and didn't leave 'til around 10 sometimes, when she got tired and knew it was time for MARTA again. Time just flew! Once we get started talking, we really can't stop!

3) Pride Parade
Went out to see the Pride parade today. My outfit was wonderfully insane, including the black & white "gyroscope" pattern dress, polka dot tights, and spiked hair with the crucifix "I (Heart) Jesus" barrettes. Harpua came with me and by coincidence Caleb and Daniel were right at the spot I was headed to, so we all sat together. The dog loved the parade, esp. when several people brought her dog treats :) She wasn't scared off by anything, not even sirens or motorcycles or loud music. She just loved it! Daniel managed to egg people on into throwing all kinds of goodies at us, including huge bags of potato chips. I got bags of gourmet doggy treats too and festooned Harpua with plastic beads and stickers. I saw a few people I knew, including atomicdave, my client the garden mason, Linda Ellis (ex ED of YouthPride), et al.

4) Rain
Meanwhine rain threatened several times and there were some raindrops, but it wasn't until right when the last group went by and the boys were leaving, that the sky OPENED. Harpua and I were some seriously wet girls. It took me about 20 minutes to slog home through it all, but it was pretty much funny because the spikes in my hair all keeled over, my glasses fogged up, and meanwhile the dog was loving it. We got to my building and I had to take her to my place so I could change my clothes and towel her down before going up to her place, which seems too clean for wet dog. She dried out faster than I expected and what was really cute, her fur got all curly. I originally was going to go up to Piedmont after drying out, but when I went to leave it was still raining. Caleb called and said that the festival had been cancelled at least for a bit due to rain, so I pretty much opted to stay home. Not like I ever stay at the park more than a couple of hours, but I was a little bummed not making it up at all. I guess yesterday was the day to go and I was with Amanda so that was a good trade-off.

5) Brokeback Mountain, Cookies, Lotr
Boys spent a lot of time at Pride, which was half rained-out, but managed to come by here tonight and watch about half of Brokeback Mountain, which Daniel just got on DVD. I watched parts of it in between baking up a batch of molasses cookies. I was surprised I could concentrate on it at all given that I'm still engaged in my obsessive LotR marathon. I now only have to watch Twins Towers and Fellowship ONE more time each, with the Production & Post team, and I will be done.