June 28th, 2006



I've been in a bit of a reading rut lately. It's much, much harder for me to read now that I'm working FT and going to the gym and stuff, plus on top of that I've been obsessively watching LotR, during time I could be reading. Anyway, the main thing I've been reading lately is this book called simply Mythology, a big compilation of mythological tales written in the 1940s by some sort of female mythologist. Personally, I find it rather dull and I also don't particularly like the versions of tha the tales she tells, but I have a policy of pretty much never giving up on a book, unless it's really, really awful, which this isn't. The trouble with this book is that I've been going at it for like two months and I'm still only half-way through. It is such slow-going! Irritating since I've got quite a few really good titles on my pile but I thought I should read this now that I keep reading Mary Renault. God, I bet this is one of the books Renault read and thought, "The myths have GOT to have more spice than this!" I prefer her story of Theseus waaaaaay, over this "factual" one.

On another note, yesterday and today I've done some reading through Breeding Discontent. It's been so long since I looked at it, that it reads like something somebody else wrote. (Actually some of it IS something somebody else wrote, since madame_mercredi and I authored it together and while the bits are mixed up, some are clearly hers, some clearly mine.) I read the first chapter of Lisia's diary entries today and I found things in it I don't remember being in there at all. They were probably added in at the last moment I guess, as opposed to older bits that got more ingrained into my head. So anyway, the book's not bad but I could do so, so much better in terms of writing a Wraeththu Mythos novel. Eventually I will demonstrate this by actually getting done with Angry City, which is in rough draft form as a novella but needs a lot more fleshing out and rethinking.
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Podcast Gold

So I continue to poke around the world of podcasts. So far I've haven't found anything that completely blows my mind (though the 40s radio one comes close) but wow, there's quite some variety out there.

Just now I found the Naxos Podcasts site. Naxos one of the top Classical music labels and they seem to have a nice set of podcasts:


Right now I'm downloading the "American Jewish Music from the Milken Archive" narrated by Leonard Nimoy, because I originally heard that on my local public radio station and it was very interesting stuff. I believe there's a whole episode just on Sephardic music, which is where you get this interesting mix of Spanish and Hebrew and all sorts of different traditions. I love the episode on Yiddish music as well. I also see they've got some BOOK podcasts, like Huckleberry Finn, which could be fun, like one chapter a day or something.