June 29th, 2006

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Dear Metro Girl

Every so often I get crazy email coming in through the Metro Girl web site and I have a pretty large collection actually, since I save it all. But the past couple of weeks, I've been getting more and more just random weird stuff, mostly looking for service MG doesn't provide.

Here are a few, edited to protect the guilty, though why I bother I don't know:

Truth or Dare

Email: MUKAHMUK@_____.COM
Phone: ___-___-____

Young Boys

Subject: hi
Name: lshae
Email: weeta92@_____.com
Phone: ___-___-____
Message: hi am lshae looking for a boy that's 13 or 14.

Boucoup Confused

Subject: moi je vaie un fille bon pls
Name: dacha ismaill
Email: los_angelos@_____.com
Phone: ___-___-____
Message: moi jime boucoup mer inapa de larjans mer il jeuxer baskettball and fottball american

Dear Girls

Subject: hi dear girls
Name: crisjarico
Email: irfanhunny_1@_____.com
Phone: ___-___-____
Message: hi girls i want to chat with u then u chat me plz call me at hotmail its my id irfan_hunny_1@_____.com i will be wait for all of ussssssssssssssssss
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Laptop speakers?

I've had this laptop since the fall and at this point I'm getting irritated by the fact it doesn't have speakers. Well, it has the built-ins, which let me hear music, NPR, etc., but I want to be able to make it LOUD. I've really noticed this lately listening to podcasts, some of which, like "Cryptic Universe" and this Jewish music series, are fairly quiet, at least during the talking parts.

Anyway, anybody have a rec for some speakers that aren't too big but have decent sound? I'm not particularly interested in travel speakers, just ones for using here at home. I would use the speakers from my desktop but I don't seem to have anything more than a headphone out jack, which I don't think worked with the speakers when I tried it. I have a PC and there are some open USB ports still. I assume there are speakers that run on a USB port? I have a Gateway with a docking station.
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Reasons to be pleased

Whoah, today was pretty awesome!

Reason 1
It was our company picnic, out in Hurt Park across the street. I got to tool around on a giant tricycle and was a finalist in the trike race. I also had fun scooting around on an electric beer keg scooter (takes too long to explain), participating in a bidding war in a silent auction (I lost), doing a cakewalk a few times, and generally having fun with the coworkers. Oh, and the item I put into the silent auction, a framed watercolor of Times Square, got snagged for $36, and the two loaves of banana bread I contributed to the cakewalk both got scooped up by winners. In the end more than $600 was raised for our employee fund, and I can say I helped a lot because it was my picture and my bidding war caused the winner to contribute $160. (We were bidding on a weekend at a farm in Adairsville.)

Reason 2
After the picnic I went back to the office and, discovered a major functional flaw with the multilevel CSS menu I've been working on. It took me a couple of hours to finally find a fix/hack for it, but at last, it works beautifully. When the site that uses it is up, I'll be sure to show it off. I had no idea you could do a pretty multilevel menu that uses no JavaScript, just styled, nested unordered lists.

Reason 3
Went to the spa at the health club and got a spectacular half-hour massage. Very good therapist with strong hands. I wanna go back already! She told me she needs to finish up my upper back, which is full of stress balls.

Reason 4
After a quick, pretty spontaneous exchange of emails, Amanda and I, plus three other women, arranged to meet up for dinner at this Japanese restaurant in Chamblee. I went up to Doraville station, where Amanda picked me up. Food was good and also remarkably cheap, and the company was convivial. Everybody had such a great sense of humor. nervouscricket cracked me up with her stories from her work, which is rather dry laboratory testing on food products but something came off as very funny.

Reason 5
The Supreme Court basically said Bush and Co. are a bunch of law-breaking dicks. Naturally, Bush responded back with, "I am going to continue to be a dick, no matter what that stupid, unnecessary bunch of people in black robes say!" But hey, I just liked that he got slammed.