July 1st, 2006


LotR x 5 and some comments

Yes, I have done it, watched the extended edition of LotR five times in a row! Once just the straight movie, then with each of the four commentary tracks. I also watched most of the extras, back (a month ago?) when I watched the straight movie.

Trivia point: it's 11 hours and 23 minutes each time. So I spent more than a full workweek watching this movie over and over! This explains why my house keeps getting messy I guess.

Oddly, I didn't actually watch the movies in order 1-2-3, but went backward-forward-backward-forward-etc., just because it was easier to do that than shuttle through all the DVD cases and start the series again.

Meanwhile, Collapse )

The crazy thing? I kind of want to watch it again without the commentary. But I think I will restrain myself :>) Bad enough I've had a movie from Netflix for like 5 weeks and haven't watched it yet.
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Faults and Virtues

This may not be a good day to do this, given I'm feeling kind of negative... but then again, maybe it's the perfect time!

Name three faults and five virtues you have that probably aren't obvious to casual acquaintances.


1. Since the fact I talk too much is obvious to everybody (even people who just read my LJ), I guess I'll state a related fault: Often I talk a lot and don't ask the person I'm with enough questions, or given them enough opportunity to just, well, talk. In other words, I sometimes dominate conservations. Some people are OK with that, but it irritates others I'm sure.

2. I'm stubborn as hell, and often not in a good way.

3. I'm afraid of making telephone calls and will go out of my way to avoid them. (I'm OK with people calling me though.)


1. I frequently help out random people on the street or on MARTA, like offering assistance, an umbrella, etc., in a way that makes me feel like I'm acting in some kind of church-sponsored TV spot. Like the other day when I offered my umbrella to this guy who uses a wheelchair and always takes the CCT commuter bus home from work. It was pouring out and he was getting soaked waiting on the sidewalk for the ramp. He was shocked when I stopped to loan it to him. So was the bus driver. I just waited under an overhang. Mom and Dad (and Jesus) would be so proud.

2. I've got a lot of tact, to the point where I've been recruited by friends to put together messages that say what needs to be said, bluntly, yet with a level of politeness that makes it a lot less obvious how much anger and resentment is behind the words.

3. I'm really good with animals, of any kind, even rats and bugs and lizards and stuff.

4. I always try to be polite, respectful and friendly towards retail clerks and cashiers. Because ugh, there are so many asshole customers out there!

5. I often leave copies of Southern Voice, Atlanta's gay weekly paper, on MARTA, because I'm done reading it and want to pass it on, perhaps to some closeted person who happens to take the seat, or just some bored person, even a straight person, who might learn something. And if a homophobe picks it up, hey, cool too!