July 2nd, 2006

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New pattern

I seem to have developed a new pattern as far as how my weekends go. On both Saturday and Sunday I sleep in 'til 9:30ish and then, around mid-afternoon, take a 2-3 hour nap. In other words, I use the weekend to make up on the sleep I miss during the week. Remarkably, despite all the sleeping, I still manage to do things, like go shopping, work out, clean the house, etc. But I have to sleep too!

I just woke up.
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The consequences of slobbery

I hate when I'm hungry and really should cook dinner, but my pots and pans and dishes are all either in the dishwasher or waiting to be washed in the sink. Got the food! There is a cure for this of course, but ew, it's icky.
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Sci-Fi Channel is making me SO happy: 3-day Twilight Zone marathon.

TZ is among my top 5 favorite TV shows ever and watching it today, after having nowhere to watch it for a while, I can see why it's such a favorite. The kinds of situations the characters get into touch so deeply into the psyche and so friggin' WEIRD, to me it's a lot more like real life than a non-fantasy, non-SF, non-"genre" show. For example, the show I watched earlier today with the woman who goes to the department store and figures out she's actually a store maniken coming back from vacation -- haven't we all had that feeling? LOL. I think some of my odder fears and fantasies might come from watching too much TZ as a kid. Like the whole fear I had -- for a few years -- that I was going to be run over by an invisible car. It could happen in the Twilight Zone! And on top of being a show that presents cool concepts that make you think, the writing is outstanding, there's a lot of great acting, and the production values are incredibly high. TZ is a show for the ages.

Anyway, the marathon runs today through Tuesday. Enter the Zone!
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