July 3rd, 2006

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I am going to be way too busy tomorrow to post anything, or so I hope, so while I can, some RANDOMOSITY. Not that it's too random, since it's all related to me in some way, but it's just bits and pieces.


Two upcoming movies I wanna see: A Scanner Darkly and PotC: Dead Man's Chest. And maybe Lady in the Water, although honestly I'm only intrigued due to the commercials.


Tonight at Caleb's I watched parts of Signs, which he has on DVD. We skipped around to the scariest parts, like when Mel Gibson sees the alien in the cornfield, the "Brazilian video," the whole scene in the basement, and the ending with the baseball bat, etc. Even though I have to look at Mel Gibson, I really love that movie. It reminds me of The Twilight Zone plus Hitchcock. Creeps me out BIG TIME!


On a related note: Best, besh wishes to Roger Ebert, who was rushed to the hospital for surgery, after some complications cropped up from his last cancer surgery. A world without Ebert's reviews, and just without Ebert, is a lesser world :(


A year ago Caleb and I were spending our first day in Italy with dadi. That was one gorgeous, fun trip. No Italy for me this year, sadly. The biggest trip I'll make is probably England in the fall. (I know I get no sympathy here, after I traveled like a maniac for several years...)


There are like six pairs of footwear in a pile in the living room, but I still can't find my favorite sandals. I can't have put them away, so I wonder where they are.


I think I've watched like 8 episodes of The Twilight Zone today. They were ALL great, but I was especially impressed by one that was just on called "The Masks." I hadn't ever seen it before. It's set in New Orleans and involves an old rich man, dying, taking some pretty cool revenge on his whiny, boring, vain, odious, money-grabbing relatives. I don't who the lead actor was, but he RULES.


Sci-Fi Channel is launching a new series "Who Wants to be a Super Hero." Daniel has expressed interest and I think I wanna watch too, for the utter silliness. I would TOTALLY walk around in a super hero outfit. What would be my super power? Something involving dancing. And of course I want the power Jem has to suddenly become a rock star!
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Back in college

This morning between 7 and when I finally got up, had the freakin' WEIRDEST dream about somehow enrolling at UMass to do a second degree. And yes, I moved back to Amherst, into a dorm, and naturally I forgot to bring all this important stuff, like my phone charger, personal products, etc. The nice thing was that at least my dorm room was the size and shape of my apartment here. It even had a separate shower and bathtub. Everything else was messed up though. Like I discovered that somehow the previous occupant had left all this stuff, including a hidden fish tank, and then to make things more confusing, I kept finding all this junk belonging to my mother. I was there trying to figure out how to resume my regular life, like where would I go work out, how was I going to get my daily medicines mailed to me from home, and whether I was going to move back to Massachusetts after I graduated. For the school part of things, naturally I couldn't figure out my schedule, was forced to take gym class, and for some reason I was all excited about getting to eat in a dining hall again.

I have no idea WHAT degree I was going for either.

Cat Sounds

Because I like to mess with her, I just played a whole lot of these cat sounds for Luckie, who was sitting on the desk anyway. She immediatley started trying to get behind the laptop screen, jumping on top of my old monitor, pawing the screen, rubbing the screen, and of course meowing very loudly. She's convinced there's a whole herd of cats hiding somewhere in this office.

Currently she's watching the cursor as I type. Thank heavens she's not always fascinated with it, just occasionally, because I'd go nuts if she was always here ready to paw the screen and capture it.
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Bush is NOT a fool

OK, OK, this article isn't saying he's smart or anything, but it is saying it's kind of dangerous to underestimate the calculated moves Bush has made since coming into power. He may not be competent serving up what America needs, but he's competent serving up the agenda he and his buds support.

Bush Is Not Incompetent
by George Lakoff
Bush's bumbling folksiness causes progressives to disregard him -- but he has been overwhelmingly competent in advancing his harmful conservative agenda.
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Good second half!

The workday really sucked, but then afterward things really worked out well!

I left work at 4 because I worked an extra hour Friday and I just could not TAKE work one minute longer. Went home and put clothes in the dryer, since I'd put all my workout clothes and undies in during lunch. I thought it'd take 45 minutes to dry but somehow it took well over an hour. Which meant I could watch some more Twilight Zone and play with the cat.

Next up I went to the gym. I am still reallllly enjoying it and have no urge at all not to go or to skip. Even when I feel tired and crap beforehand, I always feel good when I'm there and usually feel great afterward. Today was particularly nice since I seem to have gone up a level as far as what I can do. I've been using this StepMill (a.k.a. the killer stairmaster) for two months now and I'm up to 24 minutes (plus 5 minutes cooldown), which is like 300 calories, 85 floors or something. I up the minutes every week or so and tonight I realized I have to up it early because 3/4 through it suddenly felt pretty easy. After a break, I went downstairs and tried this piece of equipment I've never tried before, a slope eliptical. It was awesome -- made me sweat like crazy and burned a huge amount of calories. It was pretty hard but not too hard. After I was done with everything took a shower, then went in the sauna and then the steambath. Mmmmmm.....

I was walking home when Caleb called. He and Daniel were up at this restaurant in Midtown and Caleb couldn't finish this huge salad he was having, so he invited me to come up and meet them. The bus was set to come in a few minutes, which it did, and suddenly I was having a yummy salad entre. Then the boys wanted ice cream but rather than go to the ice cream place right where we were, we went up to Publix and got groceries, including ice cream. I got Frappuchino ice pops, which were among the lowest calorie, lowest fat treats in the freezer section. We all got food and sundries and took MARTA home, then met up at Daniel's for ice cream. We didn't have it at his place though, but up on the rooftop deck (18 floors up, in the very center of Downtown). It was fabulous. The boys sat with their feet in the jacuzzi tub and I sat in a chair.

I like the way the boys inject variety into my life, so I don't get caught up in routines. Yes, sometimes it's annoying, like when I really have to work on a project and they come over here, watch a movie, and get me distracted, but nights like today it's fun.