July 5th, 2006

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The 4th

So Fourth of July went like so:

- Slept in.
- Breakfast at Daniel's, where Daniel made yummy omelettes.
- Parade, from like 1 to 3. It was like 95 with 95% humidity. Ew. At least we got a spot in the shade.
- Read a nice new Wraeththu fan fic somebody sent me to post. Unlreated to holiday, but yay!
- Annual fireworks-viewing party at my neighbor Susan's penthouse.
- Huge downpour cancels fireworks, International Blvd. goes under water, but continue to party.

Fireworks have been rescheduled. I wish we could go to Susan's again, but I guess I'll go to the park, assuming it doesn't rain. Centennial Olympic Park's fireworks are always spectacular.

EDIT: It's 12:28 and somebody is shooting off a ton of firecrackers, really close to here. I bet I'm one of the few people in my building who won't be bitching about it tomorrow... because a) I'm awake, which most people aren't and b) if I was asleep, that kind of noise wouldn't wake me up. Maybe if it was in my room, but otherwise, no.


Got my fireworks fix tonight! I had to rush home from a haircut and grocery shopping, but I managed to run over to the park with time to spare AND got a good spot. There were a ton of people there, although probably only half as many as last night, when the skies opened just BEFORE launch. Anyway, I found a corner of the park that was strangely empty and the view was great. I thought I'd just lie back and enjoy but turned out the fireworks were lower in the sky that previous years, due to a new launch location, so standing was better. So I stood there all giddy and excited for 20-something minutes.

Fireworks make me smiley, excited and tingly in a way few things can. And I'm basically celibate so I really can say that.


And just because it's in my head:

We are fireworks - slowly, glowing
Bold and bright

We are fireworks - burning shapes
Into the night

Twist and turn - burn, burn, burn
Twist and turn - burn, baby, burn

- "Fireworks," Siouxsie And The Banshees