July 8th, 2006

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Still sneezing.

Nose still running like a faucet.

Throat still sore.

Naturally I have work to do, but I just took a nap. I think I feel worse than before. No fever though.

Stupid cold.
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1) This morning I flipped on Animal Planet for just a second. They were covering a dog show. This woman was being interviewed and says, "Grooming and being with your dog is just like making love." I switched off the TV.

2) Walking along Ponce (Atlanta's Ponce de Leon Ave.) I got fixated on The Majestic, a greasy spoon in business since 1929. There's a big neon sign running around the corner of the building and part of it says "Food That Pleases." I kept on walking and passed a Presbyterian church, with a banner out front proclaiming "Food That Sustains." Just a few blocks later I passed Java Jive, which has a 1950s style mural on the side with a man drinking coffee -- and above it reads "The Cup That Pleases." I am now thinking that the Clairmont Lounge, which is in the same area, should do up a sign that says "Sleaze That Pleases."
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Boston Globe tells gays to marry

This is a truly Massachusettsian story (as reported by the Boston Herald):

Gays at Globe told to marry or lose benefits

"Memo to Boston Globe gay and lesbian Guild employees: Get married or lose your domestic partner benefits.

Globe staffers have been told that health and dental benefits for gay employees’ domestic partners are being discontinued. Gay couples who want to keep their benefits must marry by Jan. 1.

A memo sent to the Globe’s Boston Newspaper Guild members, and obtained by the Herald, states that Massachusetts gay Guild employees can extend their benefits to their partners only if they marry."

I believe the idea is that since gay couples CAN marry in Massachusetts, the domestic partnership set-up is being done away with.
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Sleepy Saturday

Yet ANOTHER Saturday where I've spent most of the afternoon sleeping. Granted, I'm sick, but ugh, I have stuff to do! Went out in the morning to Alon's, then took a walk down Ponce to run an errand, then came home. And went to sleep on the couch. Gah. Woke up a while later, cold driving me crazy, and then took Benadryl and a cough drop. Fell asleep on the couch, with the cough drop stuck to the top of my mouth :( I felt fine when I got up 15 minutes ago, but now that I'm vertical, my nose is going again. Luckie just got up off the bed and is here wondering what's next. Will I get back in bed? Probably not.