July 10th, 2006

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What am I doing wrong?

Over on my "fat journal," I've posted a thing about how despite all this dedicated working out I'm doing, and despite eating pretty much "right," I haven't lost any weight. If anybody thinks they might have some insight, the post is over here. I'm feeling really healthy and all that, just, gah, I would like to at least be near 200 by my birthday in August.
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Despite feeling like it's a rather boring book that's taking forever to read -- despite being a little pocket paperback -- I've kept on reading Edith Hamilton's Mythology. Thankfully it's been getting better, as the subject of the myths is appealing to me more. The Trojan War and the tale of Odysseus are actually interesting enough I read them quickly and actually want to know what's going to happen. Her writing style still doesn't do much for me, but at least I get a hint that yes, here is some interesting stuff that would be worthy of reading later, as told by some other authors, either ancient or modern. I love at the end of Odysseus' saga when he manages to slay all those nasty suitors who've been after his wife. Way to go! Next up is the adventures of Aeneas.

At the end of the book are a couple of chapters on Norse mythology. I'm convinced I'll find that more interesting. Just an instinct. It's weird: I've had so much exposure to Greco-Roman mythology, through taking Latin, history classes, reading classical literature in school and on my own, but I've just never been very into it. Like I can never remember who is who, who did what, etc., to tell the stories back. A lot of the times the stories aren't that well told either. So far the best tellings I've found have been this book The Gay Greek Myths (yes, it's what you think) and of course Mary Renault's, which aren't strict to the myths but combine historical fact and literary fantasy using sublime language. Surely there must be other authors who present Greco-Roman mythology in a way that doesn't make it sound creaky and dusty.

Can't do that any more

I just had a random childhood memory pop up:

As a kid, I used to absolutely LOVE diving into the clothes racks at stores. Especially round ones. I would hide in there, surrounding by coats, shirts, whatever. Some of the straight ones worked well, too. I especially liked to do this in thiftshops because, well, I liked thriftshops even as a kid. Such weird stuff. I remember I had a fascination with all the pairs of silver and/or gold high-heel shoes at the main thriftshop in Andover, even asked Mom and Oma if I could have some, which I guess proves I was a drag queen even then. Anyway, it would take a REALLY big clothes rack to hide me now!

Oh, and for reference:

Age 7: 4'8"
Age 8: 5'0"
Age 12: 6'0"
Age 31: 6'0"

BIG clothes rack.