July 11th, 2006

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My Downtown Video!

At long last, that video I hosted, a 3-minute tour of Downtown Atlanta, my neighborhood, has been posted online. I love it!

Downtown Atlanta
Streaming video, or you can download it. Virtual-visit some of the local sites, hear me toss out Downtown trivia, and see one of my outfits in live action.

John Milavec, the filmmaker, did a great job on this!
sideview, obamame_sideview

Satyricon on DVD

Allow me to gush:

Satyricon is among my favorite movies EVAH and my VHS of it has been watched many, many times. Well, Caleb, unbeknownst to me, recently got the DVD off Half.com or something -- and it's a super-extended cut with all these langauge options, which together makes it a brand new movie, an even crazier, more fantastical, even gayer movie. Like, way more insinutations and physical stuff going on between men, boys and men, whores, more flesh, more violence, even cannibalism! Caleb showed me some bits of tonight when I came over for dinner. I know what I'M doing while he and Daniel are out of town: Sitting around watching it all. I tell you, that movie is the ultimate: surrealism, Ancient Roman, Fellini, that whole 60s/70s Italian movie style thing (everybody's dialog is dubbed), weird sex stuff, freaks, it's CAMPY... just, just PERFECTO!

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'Course if you can't take "weird" stuff, NOT a movie for you :)

A Conversation with the Cat

I'm going to transcribe a mostly nonverbal conversation with the cat, in real time.

Wendy: So, Luckie?
Luckie: Yes...
Wendy: Did you miss me today?
Luckie: A little.
Wendy: What do you want?
Luckie: Rub my head.
Wendy: OK.
Luckie: Hey, you stopped! It's love bite time.
Wendy: I see how it is...
Luckie: Hey!
Wendy: What?
Luckie: That thing is there again!
Wendy: What thing?
Luckie: That thing you keep looking at.
Wendy: The mouse pointer?
Luckie: What IS it?
Wendy: Hey, look, now I'll have it move around.
Luckie: I love when it does that!
Wendy: You're not looking at it anymore.
Luckie: I'm tired.