July 13th, 2006

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Sense of Impending Doom

I have reduced my news intake lately because it is freaking me out too damn much. I'm surely not the only one who thinks that some kind of apocalypse is on the way? Or... something? War, terrorism, nuclear threats popping up all around the world, the U.S. taken over by right-wing totalitarian fascists*, oil has hit peak, the whole world's ecology has been f*cked by the human race, and hell I bet if I check I'll find out there's some huge astroid or a fleet of Borg ships headed towards Earth.

* Yes, poli-sci majors, I know this may not be the correct term, but hey.
P.S. And yes I am still taking my medication.
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Latest Client

Sometimes I do a web site design that's not brilliant or state-of-the-art, yet totally works for the client. I think this latest one (posted for client review) is a good example:

Georgia Academy of Dental Learning

I mean, yeah, boring blue for medical (their logo so dictated) but on the other hand, having met the clients and based on this being a 10-week dental training course place, it seems perfect. I especially like the "For Mothers" page, which is straight off a promo sheet they sent me. It's basically like "Is your daughter living at home, leeching off your money with no prospects and a loser boyfriend? She should become a dental assistant!"
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Classic Onion: Gaps in Service

Damn, this is perfectly accurate:

Documents Reveal Gaps In Bush's Service As President
"Factual data presented in these publications indicates that Bush took little or no action on issues as widely varied as the stalled economy, increasing violence in post-war Iraq, and the lagging public education system," Rocklin said. "The newsprint documents also reveal huge disparities between the ways Bush claimed to have served Medicare patients, and what he actually did."