July 14th, 2006

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Oh, barf -- more Ralph Reed

In discussing home schooling, Caleb always disses it, saying everybody he's known who did that had right-wing or at least fringe-y beliefs. Well, he's in Vermont and won't be seeing this article, but here's more fuel for him:

Home schooled kids hit campaign trail for GOP
...76 home schooled students from 10 states, ages 14 to 20, who assembled in Alpharetta this week to help Ralph Reed try to win the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor [of Georgia]...

Meanwhile, while not keen on the overall concept of homeschooling, mostly because I think interacting with others (even other kids, who are pretty horrible at times), I've known some homeschooled (I just typed homeskooled) kids and their parents who did it right. They did in fact get a superior education, which was their aim, not to avoid "left-wing indoctrination" or to keep their kids out of sex ed or learning about evolution. But it's a rare thing when parents have the education, time, financial opportunity and skills to do it right.
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This morning on my way to Dunkin' Donuts I noticed a shiny, new PT Cruiser going by -- with a "REAGAN / BUSH '84" bumper sticker!


On a related note, I have a "I Want ROOSEVELT Again" button. Could not resist it when I saw it at the gift shop at Hyde Park.
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Crummy Saturday Night

There's a half-empty glass... or a half-full glass. Well, tonight was like a quarter-full glass maybe. Mostly sucking, but not totally.

Going in chronological order, here's the Good and Bad of tonight:

Good - Went to gym and worked out.

Bad - Third time in a row, had quit early because I was feeling so fatigued and abnormally sweaty.

Good - Had a nice walk over to Ken's place, where I thought I'd be enjoying Anime Night.

Bad - The complex security code has been changed, then the callbox didn't reach him, then no cars went in that I could follow, for 20 minutes... and then I finally got in and nobody was home. I think I came on the wrong night or something.

Bad - In addition to no Anime Night, I got bitten by mosquitos and fire ants. Big ugly bug bites all over my feet and lower legs.

Good - Walked to bus stop and while waiting, Caleb called and said they'd discovered a ghost.

Bad - I got to Virginia-Highland to go to Pad Thai and it was CLOSED. As in... out of business! Oh noes!

Bad - The couple other restaurants I like nearby had long, long waits and were crowded.

Good - Went to Metropolitan Deluxe and got some nice stuff on sale, like a cute 10-disc CD wallet.

Bad - Cashier at MD sent me to this Thai place a few blocks up, only IT was closed / out of business TOO!

Good - Went to Osteria, restaurant I've wanted to try out. Good, fairly authentic thin-crust Italian pizza. Ate at bar, bartender/server was charming. Had pear cider. This was one of the only really pleasant things all night.

Good/Bad - Had just missed bus, no bus for 40 minutes, so I walked down Highland and then down Ponce all the way to City Hall east. I sort of like walking on Ponce at night, but it's stinky-gross hot :(

Good - On a whim, went to Borders to get Lynn Flewelling latest and next thing I know I had $80 worth of stuff, including a deluxe, restored edition of La Dolce Vita, the original cast album of Cabaret, soundtrack to The Twin Towers, and the book.

Bad - Had to wait forever for the 2 bus, then at North Ave. station they were single-tracking so I had to wait 20+ minutes for a train.

Good - Between waiting for bus and train, I read first 3 chapters of the book!

Hmmm, nearly even for Good and Bad. Maybe half-full anyway? Still, two Thai places being closed does suck.