July 15th, 2006



Tonight a murder of crows was gathered on the corner of the main building at Atlanta Medical Center. I counted seven. That seems like some sort of omen.
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The Friday Five: She's So Unusual?

1. What about you makes you unique?
Maybe the fact my grandma dropped me down a flight of stairs as a baby. (Actually, I just find it hard to answer that question, because while I could make a whole list, I think it's everybody's nature to think they're unique.)

2. What aspect of your physical appearance do you think makes you stick out from the crowd?
If I had to pick just one aspect, definitely it'd be height. Next: How I'm dressed, including the glasses.

3. What do you always have with you while out in public? (for example, earrings, purse, wallet, watch, etc.)
Black Polaroid camera case purse with wallet, keys, phone, pen in it. That's about it, except for, well, clothes and stuff. And if I'm on the go, a book.

4. Is there anything about your body that you think isn't normal?
Several things, but one chief thing is that like all my sisters, my hip sockets are at a funny angle and my muscles are turned around weird, so I find it hard to sit "Indian"-style, but can sit in a "W" no problem. It's an uncommon mutation, and weird since I'm not flexible at all, yet I can put my toe in my armpit, easily. For a funny thing, the fact that I'm actually *shaped* like granny underwear. I mean, how does that happen?

5. What are you complimented on (looks, smarts, anything) the most? Why do you think that's the case?
I am constantly, constantly complimented on my looks and outfits, mostly by women but also by men, straight and gay. This is totally weird in a way because I grew up the worst dressed kid, the antithesis of somebody you'd compliment, and now random people on the street will say sh*t to me. Aside from that, I get lots of compliments on my generosity and writing skills.
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Saturday morning should be for sleeping

Got up at 7:30 to walk Harpua. Went to the park, then went to Caleb's, so I could water all his plants. Then went to park again. Back at Harpua's place, dog had breakfast.

By the time I got home it was 9. Nevertheless, I went straight to bed and slept 2 hours.

This is why I can't see having a dog while living in the city without a yard. I could deal with waking up, letting dog out, then going back to sleep, but this 3-4 times a day thing is just too much.
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I'm running a zoo here

After her noon walk, I decided to let Harpua come over and visit. She seems to like it here, despite the mess. One of the great things about dogs :)

She really likes the guinea pigs and keeps standing by the cage watching. I took Abbie out on the rug and Harpua was very excited, not in a predatory way, but the way she'd be with another dog. She's being very gentle too, like she knows it's a "baby" or something. Of course I think if I took out YinYang and let her sprint across the floor, Harpua would react the way she does to rats in the park and go after her. So I won't do that.

Harpua is also into Pell; every time she lets out a volley of chirps, Harpua heads over to the cage and looks at her.

For her part, Luckie is being very good, neither hiding or carrying on particularly badly. She's hissed a few times, but is generally just watching. At one point Harpua lapped up Luckie's saucer of milk, which Luckie hadn't bothered with, and shortly after she grabbed a few cat toys. I could tell Luckie was like, "What?! Hey, somebody do something!" LOL. But she's fine. Meanwhile, Harpua seems completely oblivious to the cat, even two feet away, which is interesting.
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I've never been too afraid to be up front about being a geek, but lately I've been feeling partiularly geeky. Here are a few things I've been doing lately:

  • I watch the G4 a lot and catch at least half a dozen episodes of either Star Trek or ST:TNG a week.

  • I frequently dream about the RedDot CMS system and/or HTML or other programming.

  • When I'm using exercise equipment, I do a lot of math calculations to entertain myself, e.g. calculating what bar on the display I'll be on when it's time for my water break, based on current time and the length of each bar. I also count how many cars I see going through the intersection of Courtland and Ralph McGill.

  • I really enjoy Digg, esp. the tech news.

  • I'm staff at Dragon*Con again.

  • With remote desktop capability, I can use my office machine here at home and have thought about doing so on the weekend, so I can play with RedDot and get my project done faster.
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Weather: Part Oven, Part Steam Bath

Atlanta is stuck in a suck weather pattern, in the 90s with high humidity that drains the life out of you and makes crossing the street an athletic endeavor. The other day, at *night* I stepped out with Harpua and going from inside to outside felt like somebody had breathed hot air on my ass. It really doesb feel like somebody is breathing on you. How nasty.

Pretty much everybody seems to hate this weather, yet I guess the Sunbelt is desirable because the milder overall weather is supposed to make up for it. Like the long, pretty spring and no snow. But I persist in thinking I would rather have a milder summer and no hot in spring or other times in exchange for some cold weather, hell, even freezing weather, snow, and sleet. Cold weather always makes me feel so alive. This just makes me feel like raw meat left out on the counter.